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Fans LOVED Trinity Rose's 'Coughing Up Flowers' Music Video

"Is it so wrong to have all these lyrics memorised?💕💕🌸🌷🌺" A fan comments.

11 September 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Trinity Rose's 'Coughing Up Flowers' official music video finally debuted on YouTube and fans loved it.


The video also features actor and singer, Bryce Xavier, (who has an Instagram following of over 594,000 followers) as the love interest.


"Thank you @brycexavier for being my personal heartbreaker 😜" Trinity to Bryce.


So, what was the storyline of the 'Coughing Up Flowers' music video?


Well, it's about a girl trying to find the courage to find out whether her crush feels the same way about her or whether it's just a one-sided love.


Altogether, the entire video spells out a cute and innocent, yet relatable story that keeps fans hooked to the end, starting from the visuals down to the catchy song that easily becomes addictive.


There's even some behind the scenes footage of the music video on Trinity's Instagram!



So were fans' reactions to the music video? Check it out below:

"is it so wrong to have all these lyrics memorised?💕💕🌸🌷🌺"

"Such a queen❤️ so happy for you💞 you have done so well❤️ DONT STOP❤️❤️❤️"

"The combination of your voice with the video is great, you are perfect amazing the song ❤️"

"Ahh you are so amazing Trinity!! This is such a bop 🎶🌹I'm so so proud of you & you continue to inspire me and so many others 😍"

"OMG! Trinity is amazing the vídeo and the song has me crazy is too beautiful, you have a phenomenal voice"


In fact, a fan even made a Spanish lyrics video for "Coughing Up Flowers"!



Afterwards, Trinity even went on Instagram Live to answer fans' questions. Check it out below:


Q) And how long did it take to film and set up 'Coughing Up Flowers'?

"It took a few hours to film and set up. We had our family friend's house to film it, so we did [...] everything there, except for the beach scenes."

Fun fact: The beach scenes were part of a neighbourhood where Trinity used to live.



Q) Which bit of 'Coughing Up Flowers' was your favourite part to film?


Apparently, it was actually attempting to hold the cat, with no help whatsoever from Bryce! (He had a pretty solid excuse, though. That is, he was allergic to cats.)


"My favourite part of filming was me trying to hold the cat in 10 seconds and Bryce not being able to do anything because he is allergic to cats."


According to Trinity, she doesn't think she's that good of an actor.

"Me being bad at acting (laughs) during the book store thing. [...] In front of the books, I was overacting, and Bryce was like, 'you shouldn’t do that like that', but he wasn’t mean about it. But I definitely had to do at least 3 takes of that to get it half decent."


To which fans immediately responded: "You’re not bad at acting!" And we have to say we definitely agree with the fans on this one.



Q) What’s your favourite part of making the music video?

"The most fun part I had was making all the different meanings of the flowers.


Trinity explains that each flower has its own meaning and that she had a lot of fun creating the entire video concept on different kinds of flowers as well as the Japanese concept called "Hanahaki Disease”.


"There’s a scene where I cough up the lilac flowers [...], and that means love at first sight, so it’s kind of like the first time she coughs it up. That’s why she looks so confused, because she’s in love for the first time [and] going through unrequited love."

At one point, the topic of birthdays was brought up, and Trinity reveals to fans that her best friend, Aidan Gallagher's (AKA Number Five from The Umbrella Academy) birthday was coming up pretty soon and that she actually had a present ready for him.

"Speaking of birthdays, Aidan’s birthday is coming up. I’m excited for that. [...] I’m getting him a present, so hopefully, he’ll get it in time. I’m shipping it to him because he’s still far away! It’s a surprise.

(Aidan is turning sixteen on September 18.)

But she won't tell fans what the present is in case word gets out to Aidan! And that would definitely spoil the surprise, wouldn't it? 

So, what's next for Trinity?

Trinity reveals that a tour date in L.A. with Aidan Gallagher may be in the works soon, possibly when Aidan gets back from filming the The Umbrella Academy season 2.


In the meantime, there may be a studio version of the song "Pretty Boys" coming up soon. Trinity previously performed the song at Aidan's concert at "The Hideout" in Toronto, but it has yet to be recorded. It's another amazing original song by the singer that she wrote by herself only last month and the song is "dedicated to all the guys out there who I coughed up flowers for."

Check out a short clip of the song here.

Trinity had promised that she would record the song if her fans wanted her to.

“I’d like to if you guys want me to. That would be fun. [...] I’ll eventually record Pretty Boys because you guys seem to like it.”

Now that's something for fans to look forward to!

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Trinity Rose (Aidan Gallagher's Best Friend)

Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, she is currently experimenting with TikTok.

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