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Trinity Rose's 'Coughing Up Flowers' Is AMAZING

“Aw, thank you, Aidan! You’ve got me coughing up flowers.” Trinity responds to Aidan Gallagher's post.

30 August 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Trinity Rose has finally uploaded her new song “Coughing Up Flowers” on her YouTube Channel, and fans are ecstatic!


Obviously. Because the song's catchy.


First of all, let's rewind. What's the song about?


Well, the song is based on a Japanese concept called “Hanahaki Disease” (a fictional disease) that Trinity stumbled upon on Tumblr.


The song is about how we feel when we're in a one-sided love - something that, uh, pretty much most of us can definitely relate to.


(Or is it just us?)


Anyway, check out some of the lyrics below:

/ It’s not your fault this love ain’t stable /

/ I’m tired of feeling this way /

/ Don’t know if you feel the same /



And the title "Coughing Up Flowers" is befitting of the song. Trinity explains that the feeling of unrequited love fills "your lungs with flowers [so] you have to 'cough' them up".

I“When you experience unrequited love, your lungs fill up with flowers, and you have to 'cough' them up!” - Trinity


Trinity also reveals to fans that this song was the first she'd ever written that genuinely represented who she was and how she felt in her heart.


Well, now we're sure loyal fans will be busy reading between the lines of the song. ...Perhaps there's a hint as to who she experienced this one-sided love with?

Also, as loyal fans will know, Trinity Rose is best friends with Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher (Number Five). They will also know that they've previously collaborated on a song called “Miss You”.


And very true to #BFFGoals, Aidan definitely didn't let this opportunity pass without promoting his BFF's song.


Yep. Aidan promoted Trinity’s song by retweeting her post, tweeting about it twice on Twitter, posting it on his Instagram twice and posting it again on his Instagram story.


With the hashtag, #BestFriendsForever.


Who else is squealing over this?


...And Trinity had the cutest response to it!


I“AWW THANK YOU AIDAN!! you’ve got me coughing up flowers”


And there's more!


Aidan’s fellow Umbrella Academy co-stars, Eden Cupid (Young Allison Hargreeves) and T.J. McGibbon (Young Vanya Hargreeves) also took to Instagram to rave about Trinity's song:

I“I’m obsessed!!! Go download Coughing Up Flowers by @trinityroseofficial on Apple music right now!!” - Eden Cupid

I (To Trinity) “Your talent never ceases to amaze me” - T.J. McGibbon.

T.J. even posted a small clip of herself on her Instagram story where she told fans that she had the song on repeat all day.


What amazing friendship goals.


And finally, we know fans will be wanting to cover the song as soon as they can. Well, we have good news for you because Trinity has promised to release an instrumental with the chords pretty soon.


Who did Trinity dedicate the song to?


Trinity dedicated the song to none other than her friend @gracerosebauer and her fashion line that supports cystic fibrosis.


A pretty good cause, don't you agree?


So, where's Trinity's awesome 'Coughing Up Flowers' official music video?


Although there's only a lyrics video up right now, the official music video will be debuting on 6 September.


And we definitely can't wait!


Fun fact: “Coughing Up Flowers” was co-written by Andrew Dixon and Casey Malanuk, and produced by Nic Cannone.


...Also, the animation was provided by Y2G Motions, a company that Trinity and Aidan had previously worked with for the lyrics video for "Miss You".



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Trinity Rose (Aidan Gallagher's Best Friend)

Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, she is currently experimenting with TikTok.


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