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Tate McRae's OFFICIAL Music Video "Stupid" On Billboards (Madison Square Garden)

"are u kidding meeeeeee. [...] my face on 3 billboards in madison square garden, on broadway and LA Marriott. this is honestly such a dream 🥺❤️" Tate McRae posts.

9 February 2020 by Fonticha Tran

Tate McRae - "All My Friends Are Fake" cover via

On February 9, American singer-songwriter Tate McRae expressed her excitement of seeing herself on multiple billboards, including Madison Square Garden, Broadway and LA Marriott.


Check out Tate's post below:


"are u kidding meeeeeee. woke up to seeing my face on 3 billboards in madison square garden, on broadway and LA Marriott. this is honestly such a dream 🥺❤️ @youtube @youtubemusic"


Fans can check out the clip here.


Tate's new single and official music video "stupid" was released on February 7, and it currently has over 263,000 views. Prior to this, Tate released a video for the same song, which gained over 2.2 million views, while her piano version gained over 1.1 million views.



What is Tate McRae's "stupid" about?


Basically, "stupid" is about a girl who loves a person unconditionally. Although she realizes the negative impact it has on her health, she can't help her feelings.


Check out some of the lyrics below:


I'd go to hell and back // If I could go there with you

Oh my God, I'm a fool // Keep on coming back to you //I'm so stupid for you

You're so bad for my health // But I just can't help myself //I'm so stupid for you


Tate McRae is a 16-year-old American singer-songwriter who has written several original songs. She is often compared to Billie Eilish.

Fun fact: Tate McRae currently has over 2.04 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Tate McRae ("Stupid" Music Video)

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