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Tana Mongeau Is DATING Riley Reid & Releasing Collab On OnlyFans Together

"I’m dating Riley Reid now. [...] She’s perfect, she deserves the world. I’m in love with her." Tana Mongeau says.

14 January 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

On January 14, YouTuber Tana Mongeau revealed to fans that she is dating Riley Reid. 


In an Instagram Live, Tana says:


"[...] I’m dating Riley Reid now. Do you have a problem? Riley Reid, I’ve been trying to make her my girlfriend since my own wedding. I would literally bust it open, bend it over for Riley Reid.”

“[Riley's] perfect, she deserves the world. I’m in love with her. It’s a whole thing. We’re dating now. We have some crazy stuff coming for you this week.”



Tana also announced that she and Riley are releasing a collaboration together on OnlyFans.


In the same Instagram Live, Tana says:


"[Riley] and I are releasing a psycho collab on OnlyFans this week and we shot this over a few months ago. It has been a full thing coming for months. You are not ready."

"The photos are crazy, the video crazy. I have feelings for her. If I spend too much time with Riley, I should be with her."


Tana then tweeted out:


"now that u know we’re dating @rileyreidx3 THE SECRET IS OUT MY NEXT TANA UNCENSORED COLLAB IS MRS. REID/AKA MONGEAU NOW... riley and i have some crazy s*** coming. rt this and i’ll dm u a sneak peek of how PSYCHO we get on onlyfans 😈 💦"



Tana Mongeau has 2.5 million followers on Twitter, and Riley Reid (@rileyreidx3) has 2 million followers.

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Tana Mongeau (TANA by Tana Perfume)

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