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Tana Mongeau Says Friend Makes $7000 In a Sugar Relationship & Warns Of Dangers

"Tana was like, you’re literally going to get stuffed with drugs and cut open and thrown in a ditch. I was like, perfect, hope I get $5,000." Tana Mongeau's friend says.

12 October 2021 by Fonticha Techamaneewat

On 6 October, Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield sat down with Lilah Gibney on their Cancelled podcast and spoke about their experiences with sugar relationships.


For those who don't know, sugar relationships involve an older man who provides financial incentives to a younger person in exchange for their company.


During Tana's podcast, Tana speaks to her friend, Lilah, about her activities as a sugar baby.


"Lilah just landed back here approximately a couple hours ago. Where were you last night?"


Lilah then responded that she was in Las Vegas with a "daddy".



"I was in Las Vegas with a daddy. [...] He messaged me at like 5-6 pm he’s like, 'I’m in Vegas. Can I send my plane?'"

"I’m like, 'Duh. Can I bring a friend?' He’s like, 'If they’re hot of course'. [...] So I text my friend, he sends the jet [and] he says it’s going to be there in an hour and a half."



The conversation continues with Lilah explaining how they land in Vegas after boarding the plane, and then getting drunk at a bar while waiting for the man to show up as he had fallen asleep while waiting for them.


Tana then reveals how Lilah was the person who "inspired" her to "like" this type of relationship.



"Lilah likes sugar daddies a lot. You inspired me to like sugar daddies a lot."


Tana then reveals that Lilah had made $7,000 as a result of that one trip.



"She made $7,000. That’s what I wanna talk about."


On this occasion, Lilah explained there was limited physical contact between the two.

"I swear on god, on literally everything, on all our lives. Didn’t touch him. Didn’t kiss him. Hugged him. [...] Order so much room service, drink all his 1942 [alcohol], smoke all his [inaudible]."


"And literally wake him up this morning because I slept in a different room and I go, 'The pilot’s texting me like when can we go? When‘s the jet [leaving]?' He’s like, 'Whenever you want'. I’m like, perfect. Eating this French toast and we’re flooring it."

Tana then reveals that Lilah and her friend made a total of $12,000.



"$7000. Your friend made $5000 too so $12,000 total first of all."


Meanwhile, Tana tells listeners that Lilah never brings her on the trips despite Tana specifically asking her to.


"Lilah never invites me to daddy because she thinks I can just do my brand deals but I would so much rather be daddying."


According to Lilah, she prefers Tana to accept a brand deal instead as they earn roughly the same amount of money. However, Lilah also adds in that it's because Tana also has trouble waking up and doesn't always text her back.


"Okay, one, you literally never wake up. Two, you don’t text me back. Three, do a f*cking brand deal."



Tana then reveals a tidbit about the mystery man, saying that he's "the CEO of one of the bigger companies in the world".


However, Tana warns listeners that sugar relationships are dangerous after Lilah brings up the inconveniences of sugar relationships and how, on several occasions, she had wanted to "crash their cars".


"Yeah, I don’t wanna.. I mean while we continue to talk about Lilah’s life... This podcast comes with a lot of disclaimers and pre-emptive apologies. I don’t want to talk about the daddying world like it's all that easy."


Brooke chimes in by adding that they don't want to "glamorize" the relationships as it's usually "never that easy".


Lilah also adds that she doesn't want to recommend it to anyone as she had been in "so many unsafe situations", and instead tells people to go to work at Subway.



"And I don’t wanna recommend it. I don’t wanna like … Yeah, I’ll talk about it because it’s funny and iconic but it's not …. [inaudible]. I've been in so many unsafe situations that I would never encourage somebody to do. Like, go work at Subway, you’ll be just fine."


Lilah admits that some of the older men are "insane", and people messages her every day to ask how they can get into these relationships.


"And people message me every single day. Hundreds of messages being like, 'What’s the website?' I’m like, 'No babe, don’t do that, you’re too fragile.'"


Tana then recalls a recent situation where Lilah was attempting to fly to Reno, Nevada after an older man messaged her.



"She was trying to fly to like, Reno, Nevada last week and I was like, do not go there."


(For context, Reno is known for having a much higher crime rate compared to other cities in Nevada.)


"Tana was like, you’re literally going to get stuffed with drugs and cut open and thrown in a ditch. I was like, perfect, hope I get $5,000."


Finally, Tana ends the segment of the Cancelled podcast by advising Lilah to "weigh out" each situation before going on the trips as some can be more dangerous than others, pointing out that Lilah's response to her warning was too lacking.

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Tana Mongeau (TANA by Tana Perfume)

Fonticha Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is also responsible for researching and writing news articles. She also keeps track of the celebrities’ on our watchlist while monitoring their social media for any new updates.  


Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 

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