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Tana Mongeau RESPONDS To Hot Topic's Perfume Similarity - TANA By Tana's Bottle CRITICISM 

"no! no shade to hot topic but my bottle is not cheap tiny acrylic rollerball shit! [...] it is a super thick glass bottle & metal details.💀" Tana tweets.

29 January 2020 by Fonticha Tran

Tana Mongeau - Picture via IMDb


On January 27, Tana Mongeau spoke out against accusations that her new perfume, 'TANA by Tana', was the same as Hot Topic's skull perfume.


After the launch of the 'TANA by Tana' perfume ($48), several fans began slamming Tana for its similar design to Hot Topic's Blackheart Skull Rollerball Fragrance ($5).


Someone tweeted this out:


"So is it true that this isn’t even your perfume and they have already sold it for years at hot topic? Girl, stop."


However, Tana responded to the accusation, saying that her perfume bottle was completely different to Hot topic's "cheap tiny acrylic rollerball sh*t" and that hers was made with a "super thick glass bottle [and] metal details". She also explained that she had gone through "1000" different bottle designs. 


Check out Tana's full response to the criticism below:


"no! no shade to hot topic but my bottle is not cheap tiny acrylic rollerball shit! i love the skull. i made this perfume at a time of my life where that rly embodied my brand/me. but it is a super thick glass bottle & metal details. i went thru 1,000 different bottles. foh. 💀"


However, other fans also accused that Tana's perfume bottle can be bought overseas at a cheap price. YouTuber and singer, Damon Fizzy, tweeted out that he could get the same perfume bottle from China for 30 cents.


"i can get this perfume bottle from China for 30'd think with Tana money and the care she seems to have for her fans...she'd at least come up with something custom and creative."


Damon continued to say that he wasn't "shading" Tana, but that he loved creating and designing products, and so was "a little surprised" that Tana didn't put more thought into designing "TANA by Tana".


Damon added:


"Note: 30 cents is the individual price with free shipping. Considering she bought wholesale, it was about 9 cents or less per skull. Point i was trying to make: it’s a premade item that she did nothing to and she has the connections and the resources to do so much more."


Note: Damon does not refer to the actual formula of the "TANA by Tana" perfume.



How did fans react to Tana's tweet?


Some fans compared this situation to the disastrous Tanacon gift bags. However, the majority of fans rushed to Tana's defence, pointing out that the design of Tana's bottle wasn't important and that it's the formula that counts. These fans also pointed out that a skull design is a common theme, and that many companies used it for a variety of products. 


Check out some of their tweets below:


"also having the same bottle doesn’t mean its the same thing inside i don’t get why this is so controversial."

"Are y’all really on here fighting over the shape of a perfume bottle...... there’s SP many shapes that are the same when it comes to perfume or ANY product.. it’s not all about the bottle. It’s the smell. Move on children. 👍🤷‍♀️good lord."

"can’t people just be happy for her? she took a huge step and made something SHES proud of. so what if it’s in a skull bottle. LOTS of companies use skull bottles for whatever. tana liked it and that’s how she wanted it. get tf over yourselves already and shut it. it’s perfume."

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Tana Mongeau (Jake Paul's Girlfriend)

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