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Is Tana Mongeau Going To Be On Dr. Phil? What Does Her Cryptic Tweet Mean?

“dude like five months ago dr phil asked me to go on to expose this person for f*cking me over and i didn’t and the episode is airing soon with ALL THE TEA.” Tana Mongeau tweets.

27 November 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

LOS ANGELES - NOV 10: Tana Mongeau at the 2019 People's Choice Awards at Barker Hanger on November 10, 2019 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On November 19, YouTuber Tana Mongeau posted a cryptic tweet about a Dr. Phil episode that sparked confusion among fans about what she really meant.


In the tweet, Tana revealed that 5 months ago, she was asked to go on Dr. Phil to “expose” a certain person. She decided to decline to appear on the show, but announced that the episode will still air.


Check out Tana's tweet below:

“dude like five months ago dr phil asked me to go on to expose this person for fucking me over and i didn’t and the episode is airing soon with ALL THE TEA lmfao i’m excited”



How did fans react?


Altogether, fans are confused with the tweet. Many fans wondered how the episode is still going to air when Tana had refused to go on Dr. Phil.


"How? She says she didn’t do the episode, but it’s still airing. Meaning they just ran the story without her?"

"tana explain, did u expose the person and the episode is airing or did u decline but they still made an episode ab the person? we’re all confused"



Other fans thought that Tana meant she was going to expose the individual by uploading a “storytime” video.


On the other hand, there were fans who were adamant that Tana's tweet was actually "clear". Since Tana refused to go on Dr. Phil and yet the episode is still airing, they pointed out that this meant Dr. Phil had found someone else to give evidence in place of Tana.



“Makes perfect sense. She didn't do the episode but it's still airing. They just didn't use Tana in it"

“they didnt use tana as evidence they found someone else to go on in her place”

“What are people confused at, this person obviously fucked over few people not just tana and that's how they're doing an ep. It won't be about them fucking over tana”



This led to people speculating on who this exposed individual is going to be.


A lot of fans pointed out that it could be Michael Weist, the organiser of Tanacon. For those who don't know, Tanacon was one of the biggest scandals in Tana's career.


Not only did Michael arguably have the biggest negative impact on Tana's life, fans also believed that he had also publicly clashed heads with ex-clients Bryce Hall and Mikey Barone. Fans even named Jackson Krecioch as one of his "victims", believing that Michael was the reason for Jackson's cancelled tour. (This hasn't been proven, however.)



Meanwhile, this wasn't the first time Tana was invited to go on Dr. Phil.


In a YouTube storytime video titled, "exposing the Teen Choice Awards, Dr. Phil & The Bachelorette" back in October 2017, Tana revealed that she had been invited to appear on Dr. Phil around November 2016-January 2017.


Although in the end Tana had refused to appear, she labelled the interaction with Dr. Phil's staff a "weird experience".

"I had a very weird experience with Dr Phil. It’s not really a bad experience. I’m not really “exposing” them it’s just a really weird experience."

In the video, Tana explained that she received a phone call from a staff member who works on the Dr. Phil show, and had heard about her stalker story.

At first, she was excited because she "loved" Dr. Phil, and saw this as a chance to tell the world about her stalker story (At this point, Tana revealed to fans that she feared for her life as the stalking had reached boiling points). Tana added that she was also happy for the chance to get recognition for her YouTube channel.


"I’m like, what? Cos that’s crazy. I grew up watching Dr Phil. I actually really like the show. I’ve watched hundreds of episodes."

"This was definitely the time in my life where I felt the least protected from my stalker, the most freaked out about it. [...] I wanted the world to know, like, if I died, this was why [...]."

"So the fact I would be able to tell my story on national television and obviously just getting recognition too for my YouTube videos [...] and I loved Dr Phil. [...] I was like, f*ck yeah, I’ll do it."


After initially agreeing, the staff worker then explained the angle on which they would portray the stalker story. Tana will tell the audience her stalker story, but Dr. Phil, however, will "pretend" that he doesn't believe it.

Tana then explained to fans the gist of what the staff had said to her:

"'Basically, what we would want to do is have you tell your whole stalker story. Dr Phil would kind of pretend he doesn’t believe it.'"

I "'You would fight with him, go back and forth and get very angry. There would be inquisitive things where we question if it’s all in your head type of thing.'"

"'There’d be a small segment where you would empower other girls if they were being stalked so it ends in a good note'. And then she literally [...] says, 'and then if we could, if you could get a hold of your stalker, we could have him walk out and we could do a good dramatic reveal and then we could have you guys confront each other, and you guys ask each other questions, and we could show his yearbook photo with yours from your second grade class. Does that sound good?'"



Tana then tells fans that she was "literally flabbergasted", before she refused to go on Dr. Phil.


"[...] They’re basically telling me, long story short, we want to make you look like a dumb, lying b*tch. Is that cool? Would you do it for free?"

"They wouldn’t talk about my YouTube channel, or my YouTube videos once. I would just be some random girl. There were literally parts in that letter saying if they wanted to change my f*cking name, they could."


Tana added that Dr. Phil's staff had wanted to change her outfit and her hair colour. Not only that, but Tana revealed that there was a "kind of a big aggravation slash uncomfortable frustration" when she refused to appear on the show.


"I can tell it’s like, “well you already signed this. If we really wanted to, you would have to go on the show.”


In the end, Tana believed that they didn't take her to court because of her infamous storytime videos.


"But I could tell by the way she was wording everything, she knew if they were going to force me into going on Dr Phil, I would f*cking storytime the f*ck out of this b*tch and fight her."


Finally, Tana ended with her opinion about Danielle Bregoli AKA "Cash Me Outside Girl". Tana mentioned that Danielle had always said that the Dr. Phil show had portrayed her in a very poor manner, and that Tana now believes her wholeheartedly.

"I honestly probably bet that Danielle Bregoli’s mom thought that they were actually just going to on the show to work out their family problem."

"Don’t get me wrong, when she said “catch me outside, how about that”, but I’m sure any parts of them having good, heartfelt moments were cut out to make her look worse, and that’s probably why she doesn’t f*cking like Dr Phil."

"Which makes perfect sense to me."

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Tana Mongeau (TANA by Tana Perfume)

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