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Tana Mongeau Gives ADVICE To 'Lonely' Fans: I 'Spent Years' Feeling Lonely

"i spent years of my life feeling [lonely]. probably a decade [...]. i still struggle with it.” Tana Mongeau reveals.

12 January 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

LOS ANGELES - NOV 10: Tana Mongeau at the 2019 People's Choice Awards at Barker Hanger on November 10, 2019 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On January 12, Tana Mongeau reveals that she had felt lonely for "years". In an Instagram Story, she gives advice to fans who are lonely.


Let's rewind.


In an Instagram Story, Tana tells fans that she sent a message to someone on TikTok who had said they were "lonely" in a video.

Tana’s caption reads:


"a message i sent to someone who said they felt lonely. in case u needed to hear it too"

In the Instagram Story, Tana speaks up about how she had “spent years” of her life feeling lonely, and that even now she struggles with loneliness.

“hey i saw ur tiktok. just wanted to say i spent years of my life feeling that way. probably a decade when i really think about it. i still struggle with it.”

She then explains to the person on TikTok that this “isn't forever” and that if they made “active choices to begin to fight this darkness”, it will soon come to past.


Tana adds that they will then be able to share the “lessons” they learnt during this dark time with their “children” and that it will be “beautiful”.

“but i promise you that isn’t forever.. i promise you that if you make active choices to begin to fight this darkness you’re feeling there will be a point where you one day look back and see it is in the past."

"it is just a season of life that feels horrendous but will teach you so much. one day you will share the lessons that you learned during this time with your children and it will be beautiful.”

Tana continues to say that the “way the world is now” during the pandemic makes it “harder to seek connection”.

However, she reassures fans that the connection will come and when it does, they will be “10x more grateful” because they will know the “pain of not having it”.

“i know with the way the world is now it is much harder to seek connection and find it but there are ways and i promise you this period of loneliness isn’t forever."

"you are going to find connections and people that fulfill you so immensely- and when you do you will be 10x more grateful for that, because you know the pain of not having it.



She finishes by saying that the person is a “special soul”.

"you are a special soul”

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Tana Mongeau (TANA by Tana Perfume)

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