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Tana Mongeau FURIOUS At Harry Jowsey For DELETING Her TikTok!

"I’ve never been more furious. [...] It’s my karma for ever allowing [Harry] in my house. I can’t even. F**k off.” Tana Mongeau says.

25 January 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

On January 25, YouTuber Tana Mongeau reveals that Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey deleted her TikTok app which meant she lost all of her TikTok drafts.


In an Instagram Story, whilst laughing and screaming, Tana rants to fans:

“Harry’s been in my house for literally 10 minutes, opens my TikTok app, presses one button, app accidentally deletes and I lose all of my drafts. Get out, get out, you’re literally … oh my god, you’re dead to me."

"I’ve never been more furious. [...] It’s my karma for ever allowing him in my house. I can’t even. F**k off.”


In the background, Harry grins at the camera as he follows Tana.

Tana Mongeau (TANA by Tana Perfume)

Harry later explained his side in a tweet, saying that he had merely "updated" Tana's phone since it "hasn't been updated since 1984". He then places the blame on TikTok. 


"I didn’t delete Tana’s TikTok drafts, her phone hasn’t been updated since 1984. I was doing her a favour x the drafts deleted themselves, that’s on TikTok 😂"


In other news, Tana reveals that she has been having root canal treatment.


On the same day, in an Instagram Story, Tana also writes the following caption:



"it is actually comical how much dental work i need/have been getting done i can’t even :( two more root canals today i AM HAPPY!"


She later added that she had to have a tooth removed and minor surgery on her gums.


However, having the surgery meant that she couldn't "smoke" for the next few days, prompting Tana to tweet out to fans asking if it was possible to "smoke weed through your nose".



"serious question I just got a dental surgery so serious that I can’t smoke weed for the next three days and as you guys know I am more in love with it than most people I know… can you smoke weed through your nose? This is a serious inquiry. "


Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, is writing a book.

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