Stranger Things' Writers Says Taylor Swift's The Archer Describes Season 4

"@strangerwriters I dare you to choose one Taylor Swift song to describe season 4." A fan tweets. (They did.)

27 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture' Presentation held at the

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

On October 24, Stranger Things' official writers, Stranger Writers, tweeted out that Taylor Swift's 'The Archer' describes Stranger Things season 4! Not only that, but they also revealed hints in songs by Imagine Dragons and Florence + the Machine.

Let’s rewind.

Stranger Writers is no stranger to giving hints on their Twitter account. This time, they're given in a series of song lyrics. It all started with a fan's bet:

"@strangerwriters can you give us a hint about s4 using a song? I bet $5 that you can't do that."

Needless to say, Stranger Writers took the bet.


Check out their tweet in response:


"And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat / I tried to find the sound / But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness / So darkness I became."


And the song lyrics are from Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine.


But this hint wasn't enough for impatient fans. The very next day, another fan demanded another hint, but this time, it has to be from a Taylor Swift song.


"@strangerwriters i dare you to choose one taylor swift song to describe season 4."


Again, Stranger Writers rose up to the challenge, tweeting this out:


"I wake in the night, I pace like a ghost / The room is on fire, invisible smoke / And all of my heroes die all alone / Help me hold onto you."


And you guessed it! It's "The Archer" by Taylor Swift.


Finally, Stranger Writers gave out one last song hint:


"Who knows what's right? The lines keep getting thinner / My age has never made me wise / But I keep pushing / On and on / And on and on."


(Which is "Nothing Left To Say" by Imagine Dragons.)



So what other hints have Stranger Writers revealed?


It's hard to keep up since it seems like new hints are given every week!


But their latest hints come in the form of emojis.


That's right.


A fan asked if they could spoil anything, using emojis. And Stranger Writers cheekily tweeted this out:




Any guesses?



Video Store Friday update!


For fans who don't know, Stranger Writers introduced "Video Store Friday". Basically, every Friday they'll list 5 different movies that is somehow related to Stranger Things season 4.


So far, there’s been a total of 15 movies listed, including a specific Harry Potter movie. (Read more here.)


This week (October 26), it's:


- Young Sherlock Holmes

- Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

- Hackers

- Silence of the Lambs

- The Good Son


Stranger Things season 4 is expected to start shooting early next year in January 2020.

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