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Fans THINK Stranger Things Season 4 Is In LONDON (Clock Chimes)

"Is it just me or did the sound along side “we’re not in Hawkins anymore” sound a lot like Big Ben?" A fan tweets.

2 October 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Actress Millie Bobby Brown at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Godzilla: King Of The Monsters' held at the

TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, USA on May 18, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

Stranger Things' has just premiered a teaser for Stranger Things season 4 on their official Twitter and fans are freaking out. Not only that, but fans are tweeting back with their own list of demands on what season 4 needs.


Oh, and fans also has a theory on where season 4 might take place, with fans already playing Sherlock to the short teaser they've just seen.

First of all, check out the official Stranger Writers' tweet below:

"Stranger Things 4. It’s happening! we have an awesome team working on st4 and we can’t wait to share it with you. thank you for your passion and your love for our show... let’s keep that curiosity door open, yeah? after all, we’re not in hawkins anymore..."


So far, the teaser has already reached a jaw-dropping 12.8 million views, and even though it's only 38 seconds long, fans are already theorising at what it could be hinting at. What a lot of fans took note on was the clock that could be heard chiming.


Other eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that the official Stranger Things' Instagram profile picture had also been changed to show an eerie-looking clock tower.

And what does this mean?


"Hi so let's talk about #StrangerThings4 the big Ben chimes at the end of the trailer could be reffering to London's big Ben. If I am correct look at @Stranger_Things profile pic BOOM IT'S A CLOCKTOWER. Here's a image of the profile pic."

"Is it just me or did the sound along side “we’re not in Hawkins anymore” sound a lot like Big Ben? Stranger Things 4 in London?! #StrangerThings."

"Well i see the bio(🕰🙃) isn’t it london upsidedown?"

And these weren't the only comments from excited fans about this theory of Stranger Things season 4. There were actually a lot. In fact, it looks like fans are pretty keen on this theory.  

But let's get on with the list of demands.

One popular demand for Stranger Things season 4, is for there to be a same-sex relationship. That is, either introduce a love interest for Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) or for Scoop Troop's Robin (Maya Hawke).

"If u all dont give robin a gf this season then that is lesbiphobia. pls we need it."

"OK but give will byers a boyfriend! i repeat GIVE WILL BYERS A BOYFRIEND! he deserve it!"

Another popular one is a twist on the one above for Robin. That is, for the writers to introduce a love interest who both Robin and Steve likes, and who they both end up fighting for. (This idea actually had over 280 retweets and 2k likes.)

And we think this could make for some pretty hilarious scenes if the Stranger Things' writers decide to go this route. 


Can you imagine Steve and Robin shoving, sabotaging and embarrassing each other all to try to charm said crush?

Until then, Stranger Things season 4 is expected to start shooting early next year in January 2020. Stranger Things season 1-3 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown (Enola Holmes, Godzilla)

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