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HSMTMTS' Sofia Wylie Turns 17! Cast Celebrates With A 'Party'

"I just got back from [the celebration]. We did a little parade because we couldn’t really have a party." Olivia Rodrigo (Nini) says.

9 January 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Sofia Wylie at the premiere for "A Wrinkle in Time" at the El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, USA 26 Feb. 2018 — Photo by Featureflash


On January 7, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Sofia Wylie (Gina) turned 17! The close-knitted cast celebrated Sofia's 17th birthday with a "little parade" after filming!


In an Instagram Live, co-star Olivia Rodrigo (Nini) says:


"I’m obsessed with Sofia. I think she’s the best person that ever happened. I think she is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen."

"It’s honestly astonishing and she’s so perfect that it makes me mad. But you can’t be mad at her because she’s the nicest."


Olivia also reveals that the cast of HSMTMTS threw a little "party" for Sofia's 17th birthday, as they were filming that day.


"I just got back from [the celebration]. We did a little parade because we couldn’t really have a party."


Olivia adds that they had initially wanted to throw an outside masked "party" for Sofia.


"We kind of tried to have a party for her, [but] obviously, it's just not safe out there. [We] should not be throwing parties. [But] we would have been obviously, very safe. We would have been outside. [A] masked party."


However, due to the pandemic, Olivia and the others had wanted to be "extra safe" and opted instead for a car party.


"But we decided we should be be extra safe and do a car party. So we all decorated our cars and gave our gifts. And got a bunch of balloons. It was really fun."


As Olivia couldn't throw Sofia the birthday party she wanted, she reveals that next year when Sofia turns 18, she wants to throw Sofia a "real birthday party" as Sofia is "the best ever".


"I hope she enjoyed it. I can’t wait for when she’s 18 and I can throw her a real birthday party because she deserves the whole world. I cannot stress this enough. Sofia Wylie is the best ever."


In a series of Instagram Stories, Sofia uploaded a few snippets of the parade. In the first post, fans can see two decorated "birthday" cars with balloons pull up with the song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA blasting out loud.

Next, there's a picture of HSMTMTS' co-stars Dara Reneé (Kourtney), Joshua Basset (Ricky), Joe Serafini (Seb), Larry Saperstein (Big Red) and Frankie A. Rodriguez (Carlos) all posing dramatically together.

The cast of HSMTMTS also gave birthday wishes to Sofia on their respective Instagram Stories.


"happy birthday to the kindest person I know. ppl like sofia are why the world is so good. love u than u can imagine @sofiawylie" - Olivia Rodrigo (Nini)

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! @sofiawylie You are so kind, so sweet and SO FABULOUS!!! Continue to SHINE AND SHOW THE WORLD HOW AWESOME YOU ARE!!! LOVE YOU!!" - Dara Reneé (Kourtney)

"Sofia. Wyliemeister. Happy happy happy birthday you goof! Thank you for being literally the sweetest human being on this planet and also yes-anding every joke ever to keep my bad bits and jokes going." - Matt Cornett (E.J.)

"Happy 17th birthday to the TRUE dancing queen, @sofiawylie. Loyal, sweet, talented, professional, hilarious, gorgeous, positive, insightful, wise, genuine….there are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful this girl really is. Love you to the ends of the earth Lof thank you for being you💖" - Julia Lester (Ashlyn)

"Happy Sofia Wylie day!!" - Frankie A. Rodriguez (Carlos)

"HAPPIEST OF SWEET 17’s TO THE QUEEN!!!" - Larry Saperstein (Big Red)



"happy birthday, @sofiawylie 🤍 love ya!!!" - Joe Serafini (Seb)


On Twitter, Sofia thanked everyone for their birthday wishes and for making her birthday "so special".

"Thank you all for making my birthday so special. I love each of you more than you know. 17… here we go ;)"



She also uploaded a short clip on Instagram grooving to the songs with the word "17" in it. On the same Instagram post, Sofia writes:


"17!!!!!!!!! Seriously thank you all so much for all the birthday love. To another year of bedroom dance parties🤗"



The cast of HSMTMTS previously celebrated Julia Lester's (Ashlyn) 20th birthday. They surprised her with a party on January 28. In a clip, the cast hides in a dark room, before shouting "happy birthday!" to a tearful Ashlyn as she enters.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2 is currently shooting. 

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Sofia Wylie (High School Musical The Musical The Series) Gina

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