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Skai Jackson OPENS UP About Friends: "A Lot Of People In LA Are Shady"

"I can tell if you’re genuine or you’re just trying to be friends with me [...] for clout." Skai says.

10 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Skai Jackson at the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" World Premiere, El Capitan, Hollywood, CA 12-14-15 — Photo by s_bukley

On September 15, Skai Jackson uploaded a YouTube video, speaking about having friends while in the entertainment industry, and how exactly difficult it is to be apart from her friends at home.


Let's rewind.


Skai started out in the entertainment industry at a pretty young age. In fact, her first modelling gig was when she 9 months old. After that, she started doing commercials and appearing in TV series.


"So it's been a non-stop thing. This has been my life my entire life literally."


Skai reveals that it's "kind of the only thing [she] knows", but she loves it anyway. Her mother is always asking her if she wants to do it, and Skai has always responded that she's "having the best time ever".


However, there are some kids out there who don't quite enjoy it. Skai points out that when this happens, it's usually because it's their parents' dreams, and not theirs.


"You can easily see when the kid doesn’t want to do it, like it’s the parents’ dream. It’s really important for your kid to like what they're doing.


So, when exactly did Skai start acting?


According to Skai, her first movie was at 5. Afterwards, she moved to LA when she was 9 to be on Disney Channel. Due to this, it was difficult for Skai to stay in touch with her friends at home.

"Most of my friends go to regular school, and they’re regular people. And it’s hard because I love to hang out with my friends but I have to do what I have to do."


At one point, Skai didn't even get to see her best friend for 4 months! (This being the age where 4 months is an extremely really long time, and a best friend is the entire world).


Although, Skai does point out that this is how you find out exactly who your real friends are.



"It’s sad, but my friends understand, and they don’t ever get annoyed like, "Oh, you’re always busy." They’re like, "Keep doing your thing. We’re proud of you."

Skai compares her real friends to other 'fake' friends. Skai reveals that she has had friends in the past who had gotten annoyed with her for always being so busy.

"I used to have friends you get really annoyed. They’d be like, "you never come to hang out". And I’m like, "Y'all don’t understand. I can’t just walk out the house, like I’ve got stuff to do! I’m working." So it took me a while to find friends who truly understand."'

Skai prefers having a small circle of friends, just "some people that you really, really trust in your life."



However, while Skai was in LA, she found it hard to find genuine people.


She says that right at the beginning in LA, she was about 12, and she had a lot of friends. However, she quickly found out that half of them weren't exactly genuine.


"For me, I have a very good judgement of character, so I can tell if you’re a genuine person or you’re just trying to be friends with me for attention, for clout."


"[...] It was hard at first. [...] Half of them weren’t genuine people. [...] I feel like in LA, - it’s really hard to find genuine people here."


Skai also speaks out about the competitiveness of the acting industry, explaining that those who look alike, are probably going to be going to the same auditions. And because of that, they feel "threatened" of each other, and consider each other as competition. This then makes it hard for them to be friends with each other.


"We might be going on the same auditions, [...] she might consider me as competition, but I feel like we all have our own lane we’re all doing our own thing and whatever is going to happen for us will happen in our own time. I never really get threatened by another person."

"A lot of people in LA are really shady, or they’ll smile on your face and talk about you behind your backs."


However, Skai ends the topic on a positive note saying that she has a "positive attitude" so she never lets it deter her.


Skai's book, Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback is now available to be purchased.



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Disney's Skai Jackson

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