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Skai Jackson SPEAKS OUT On Not LIKING Debby Ryan

"is it true that u don't like [Debby] Ryan?" A fan asks. And Skai Jackson responds.

24 January 2020 by Fonticha Tran

HOLLYWOOD - DEC 14: Skai Jackson at the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" World Premiere,

El Capitan, Hollywood, CA - skai jackson star wars — Photo by bossmoss

On January 21, Skai Jackson addresses the rumours that says she doesn't like Jessie's Debby Ryan in her TikTok video comments.


The rumours began after Skai had apparently accused Debby of "bullying" her while on set of Disney's Jessie.

Although this was four years ago, the rumours of Skai not liking Debby is still going strong, and fans have constantly been asking Skai about it on her TikTok videos. Finally, on January 21, Skai responded to a fan's comment about the rumour on her official TikTok channel.


Check out the fan's question below:


"is it true that u don't like [Debby] Ryan I think that's how u spell her name"


Skai then responded:


"Girl no... love her ❤️"


Despite this, there were still fans who refused to take the answer as it is, and some even went as far as attempting to stir up drama by editing Skai's words.


This particular troll uploaded a clip of the TikTok video in question, but edited Skai's comment to say: "Girl, no. F**k that musty white b**ch".


They then said:

"Someone in Skai Jackson's comments asked her if she liked Debby Ryan or not and this is what she said, "Girl, no. F**k that musty white b**ch." Janet [Jackson], you'd better come get your daughter cos she is wilding on TikTok."


Note: Janet Jackson (Michael Jackson's sister) is not Skai Jackson's mother, although many fans have mistaken this in the past. Skai Jackson's mother is actually Kiya Cole.



Skai Jackson saw the tweet the next day, and angrily called the troll out:


"Y’all are nuts for making a fake reply. I clearly said “ no girl. I love her! ❤" don’t do that again..."


Skai's book, Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback is now out.

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Disney's Skai Jackson

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