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Skai Jackson SPEAKS OUT About Cameron Boyce's ABSENCE In Memoriam Tribute Oscars 2020

"How come Cameron wasn't acknowledged in the memoriam tribute video @theacademy ???" Skai posts.

12 February 2020 by Fonticha Tran

HOLLYWOOD - DEC 14: Skai Jackson at the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" World Premiere,

El Capitan, Hollywood, CA - skai jackson star wars — Photo by bossmoss

On February 9, Jessie's Skai Jackson questioned The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for not including Cameron Boyce in the Oscars In Memoriam 2020.


Let's rewind.


Each year, a "In Memoriam Tribute" segment is presented to pay tribute to those who passed away during the year.


However, this year, fans will have noticed that Descendants' Cameron Boyce was absent from the tribute. Cameron was a close friend of Skai Jackson, and they acted together in Disney Channel's Jessie and Bunk'd. Sadly, Cameron passed away on July 6, 2019, after he had a seizure while sleeping. He was just 20 years old.


Skai quickly uploaded an Instagram Story with the following caption:



"How come Cameron wasn't acknowledged in the memoriam tribute video @theacademy ???"


She then posted 3 pictures of herself with Cameron Boyce in her Instagram stories.


The next day, Skai tweeted this out:


"Cameron Boyce??? Why did you guys forget about him? It would have been nice if he was acknowledged... Smh. #Oscars"


Other names that were absent included Luke Perry, Sid Haig and Tim Conway, Orson Bean, Michael J. Pollard and several others.


Many fans were also upset on Cameron's behalf, stating that he was important to many people's childhood, and that he was such a young actor to have passed away so suddenly.


"cameron boyce had such a huge impact into a lot of people’s lives including people in the film industry. just cause his career centered mostly around disney didnt make him any less of an actor. him being left out of the in memoriam just felt wrong."

"i'm so upset rn. the oscars has a memoriam last night and left cameron boyce out of it. do they not understand how important cameron boyce was to a lot A LOT of kids childhood? this just makes me so mad."

"It's sad they all passed but, Cameron Boyce was a young man who died of an epileptic seizure. Yet the Academy felt the need to have one for Kobe Bryant who wasnt an actor......."



Three days later, Skai retweeted an article by Rolling Stone Magazine, which explained why Cameron Boyce was absent from the Oscars "In Memoriam Tribute".


The article quoted from Us Weekly Magazine, explaining that there is a time constraint in the broadcast which meant that the committee has to "make selections". However, they stated that the full list of submissions for the tribute is on their official website.


However, Skai seemed unhappy with the explanation as she tweeted this in response: "🤔".



Since Cameron's passing, Skai has been constantly posting pictures of him to her Instagram stories, explaining to fans that this was her way of "remembering" him. She has since called out those who used Cameron's death for clout and received backlash from fans who accused her of being "happy" and "not in tears" after news of his death.

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Disney's Skai Jackson

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