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Shane Dawson On Plans For Makeup Conspiracy Theories & Makeup Reviews For 2020

"I really want to do [makeup reviews] because I always buy new products every time I go on Sephora [and] Ulta website, and I just buy all the new stuff, and I play with it." Shane says. 

12 January 2020 by Fonticha Tran

Shane Dawson - Photo via

On January 11, Shane Dawson revealed his plans for 2020 in a series of Instagram stories. He also talked about getting married and his second YouTube Channel, “ShaneGlossin”.


What are Shane's plans for 2020?


This year, Shane says that he wants to "enjoy life". He reveals that he felt like he hasn't enjoyed life in recent years and that it felt like all he had been doing was "editing, working, editing". Although he "loved it" in the past, this year, he just wants to relax.



"This year, I want to get married. I want to focus on fun stuff. I want to write a script. I want to have fun, and if an idea for a series or a conspiracy or whatever hits me, then f**k yeah, I'm gonna throw myself into that, and that's gonna be so fun. But I'm not gonna force myself ..."


However, Shane continues to reassure fans that he still cares about his main channel, "Shane", and what they've created so far.

"I love what we've made on there, it's been my dream, so that is still my priority obviously. And I still have ideas. This new channel is more just a fun random creative outlet. [...] I'm still gonna post on the Shane channel, I promise."


At the moment, Shane explains that he's "still waiting for a new series idea to hit [him]." In the meantime, he plans to film and edit something this week "for fun".


His last video on his main channel was "The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson", which was uploaded on November 22.



So, what's Shane's second channel "ShaneGlossin" about?


"ShaneGlossin" currently has 1.54 million subscribers, despite having only one test upload that lasts for 30 seconds.


Shane reveals that he created "ShaneGlossin" as a separate channel after fans kept asking him to make more videos about makeup. Although fans asked him to do makeup reviews, Shane explains that it's complicated as he isn't “an expert”. Due to this, he would have to ask someone who "knows what they're talking about" (such as Jeffree Star) to review the product with him.

"I really want to do [makeup reviews] because I always buy new products every time I go on Sephora [and] Ulta website, and I just buy all the new stuff, and I play with it, and I review it alone, by myself. But I’m also not an expert. [...] I'm still just having fun and playing around."


What's this about directing a horror movie, an upcoming makeup conspiracy video, and the footage about someone trespassing in Jeffree Star's house?

Shane reveals that he has a passion for directing movies. In a caption on an Instagram Story, Shane writes:


"Yes! I wanna make horror movies more than anything in the whole world. My goal this year is to at least get a script done ❤️ 🔪 🩸 🎥."


Then on the topic of "conspiracy theories", Shane says that he already had some "makeup related conspiracies" filmed.


Finally, in response to a fan asking for more footage on the house trespasser, Shane explains that he had the footage "all edited" and that it was supposed to appear in the finale. However, it was deleted as it "didn't flow with everything else". Still, Shane implies that he might still release it along with other deleted scenes.


For those who don't know, this fan is referring to the first episode of "The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star". At the 2:30 mark, Ryland and Shane called the cops after finding someone trespassing on their property.

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Shane Dawson

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