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Shane Dawson IS BACK With Conspiracy Theories! "Warning Signs with Shane Dawson"

"They're everywhere. Computers, phones, streetlights, public areas, shopping malls, stores." [...] And it's growing more evasive every year." Shane says.

6 February 2020 by Fonticha Tran

Shane Dawson at in-store appearance for Shane Dawson Booksigning for I HATE MYSELFIE, Barnes and Noble Book Store on Union Square, New York, NY March 13, 2015. Photo By: Derek Storm/Everett Collection – Stock Editorial Photography

On February 5, Shane Dawson released his first conspiracy theory video since his previous one back on February 11, 2019. However, Shane premiered it on his second channel "ShaneGlossin" instead of his main channel.


Let's rewind.


First of all, Shane's video is titled, "Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs with Shane Dawson". Shane explained that he uploaded it to his second YouTube channel 'ShaneGlossin' because he was "too nervous" to post it on his main channel.


In the video description, Shane explained that this was a new style of content he wanted to try, where he mixed conspiracy theories with real-life situations.


He then implied that "Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs with Shane Dawson" will be a series, with one conspiracy theory per episode so that each theory could have an "in-depth" look into it.


Firstly, though, Shane put out a disclaimer:


"Disclaimer: the following theories are meant for entertainment purposes only and not meant to cause harm to any individual or company."


The episode was first disguised as a gathering in a motel room where there'd been an apparent murder back in 2008, and Ryland (his fiancé), Morgan Adams (Ryland's sister) and Garrett Watts had to find out how and where the victim died.


But soon after, Shane revealed that the real aim of the episode was the "hidden cameras conspiracy". Shane then announced that he had hidden about 20 cameras around the room.


"We actually set up a lot of hidden cameras around this room."


What is the hidden camera conspiracy theory that Shane is investigating?


In a voice-over, the video explained:


"most people just walk into the room and go about their business and these [cameras] just blend in."


Shane then added:

"They're everywhere. Computers, phones, streetlights, public areas, shopping malls, stores." [...] And it's growing more evasive every year."


And it wasn't just in public settings. Cameras are also placed in private places, such as hotel rooms.


Footage from the news is then shown in Shane's conspiracy video:


FOOTAGE: A night in a hotel turns into a shocking evasion of privacy. Police undercovered a massive network of hidden cameras in rooms, live streaming unsuspecting guests, recording an estimated 1600 victims.


Shane then revealed that there has been an increase in hotels and motels that have been caught where owners or managers have hidden a camera in a private area. Shane highlighted a case in "Knights Inn & Suites" where a hotel manager had set up a hidden camera that was pointed directly at the shower.


Not only that, but even Starbucks had its controversies when spy cameras were found in its bathrooms.



To make matters worse, these "hidden cameras" can be easily bought on Amazon.


Technological advances have allowed hidden cameras to be made smaller, cheaper and easier to use, and now, with the convenience of Amazon Prime, can be delivered directly to your door in "less than 24 hours".


"[On Amazon, there are] hundreds of cameras in all different shapes, sizes and disguises, and you can get them all to your house in less than 24 hours."


And these shapes, sizes and disguises the hidden cameras can take? A can of fizzy drink, a cigarette lighter, a pen, a picture frame, a phone charger, clocks and even tissue boxes. All of which are so cleverly hidden that an average person wouldn't be able to spot it.


What about Airbnb and its controversies?


Shane then looked into Airbnbs and its loopholes regarding cameras. 



"Airbnb has the potential to be a stalker's sick playground." - Shane


According to the Airbnb website rules, Shane revealed that cameras are actually allowed to be placed inside the house.


The official website reads:



"we require hosts to disclose all security cameras and other recording devices in their listings. [...] we prohibit any security cameras that observe the interior or certain private spaces (such as bedrooms and bathrooms) "


Most listings on Airbnb will also say:



"we have security cameras by gate entrance and common areas. [...]"



What can be defined as common areas?


Shane explained that common areas include the living room, dining room, hallway, and anywhere else that isn't the bedroom or bathroom.


Shane then told fans of a past experience back in 2016, when he and Ryland stayed at an Airbnb, and it sounded as if there were people in the house with them, moving around above them. When Shane called to check with the owner, the owner said that he "checked" the cameras and that there was no one at the house.


"I check camera. No one's at the house." - Airbnb owner.


Shane then continued to say:


"That is the moment that I found out that Airbnbs were allowed to have cameras. it made me question how many other vacations and trips I had where someone else was watching me."



Shane calls out Airbnb and the loopholes in their rules.


Altogether, Shane explained that there were loopholes in Airbnb's rules that allowed for stalkers. He revealed that even if these stalkers were caught, they would just move on to another "house sharing" website, such as Flipkey, Owners Direct, Homelidays, HomeAway, etc., as these websites were plentiful.


Shane proceeded to call out Airbnb, saying that they needed to make sure there are no grey areas and that they need to implement a "full-on no cameras at all policy." Although Shane also noted that this wouldn't stop some "sick f*ck" who wanted to "watch people in the middle of the night."

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Shane Dawson (Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy Palette, Morphe)

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