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Fans Are Watching 'Eli' A Netflix HORROR MOVIE For Sadie Sink

"A spooky movie coming out in October? With Sadie Sink? SAY NO MORE" A fan tweets.

7 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Actress Sadie Sink at the Netflix's season 2 premiere of 'Stranger Things' held at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, USA on

October 26, 2017. — Photo by PopularImages

On October 3, Netlflix US' twitter, See What's Next, tweeted out that 'Eli', a new horror movie will be debuting. And who's starring in it? Well, none other than Stranger Things' Sadie Sink AKA Max.


First of all, check out the tweet:


"@SadieSink and @LiliTaylor star in Eli, the twisted story of a very sick boy and the doctor who is trying to cure him — or is she?"

Of course, fans freaked out.


"A spooky movie coming out in October? With Sadie Sink? And the Producers of The Haunting of Hill House? SAY NO MORE"


"Sadie sink my queen is playing a girl named Hayley my name can this day get better also this movie looks great ❤️🥰💜"

"i really can’t wait for the new movie “eli” where sadie sink will be. i’m so proud of my girl."


And Sadie's fanbase is so strong that some fans who aren't really into horror movies at all, are already scheduling the movie into their plans.


"S*** ... I can't believe sadie sink will make me watch a horror movie"


So, what exactly is Netflix's "Eli" about?


Well, it's about Eli, a young boy with a rare disease. His parents have searched high and low for a doctor until finally, they arrive at a quiet and secluded mansion, where a doctor is offering treatment.


However, Eli feels there's something off when all of a sudden, it becomes a haunted prison with no way to escape.


Sadie will be playing the role of Haley.


The movie also features Lili Taylor as Dr. Isabella Horn, Max Martini as Paul and Kelly Reilly with an unknown role.


You can check Netlix's Eli trailer out here.

Eli (2019) will be released on Netflix on October 18 and Stranger Things season 4 is expected to start shooting early next year in January 2020. 

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Stranger Things' Sadie Sink (Netflix's Eli)

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