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Netflix CLAPS BACK At Accusations That Riverdale "Sexualizes Teen Girls"

"Everyone feels they have the right to scrutinize and judge. It’s disgusting." Lili tweets.

20 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Lili Reinhart at arrivals for The CW Network 2018 New York Upfront Presentation, The London Hotel, New York,

NY May 17, 2018. Photo By: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection — Photo by everett225

On October 19, Netflix clapped back at a viewer after they accused Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch's characters for helping in the “sexualization of teen girls” in the Riverdale series.


Let's rewind.


First of all, it started when Netflix US shared an Instagram post of the three girls, Camila (Veronica Lodge), Lili (Betty Cooper) and Madelaine (Cheryl Blossom) with the description:

"I love these three women. I love how honest they are, how they use their platforms to speak on issues they care about and that matter to young women, and I love that they stand up for themselves and others."


However, a viewer quickly slammed back with:

“they use their platforms to speak on women’s issues but help in the sexualization of teen girls on their show constantly lmao ok”

Netflix did not let this go unchallenged and immediately shot back with this:

“I think they play three characters in charge of their sexuality, not three characters being used by or defined solely by their sexuality. Veronica is a badass business woman, Betty is a loyal friend and dedicated sleuth, Cheryl is a LGBTQ student body president icon. Young women shouldn’t feel shamed for being sexual humans, or for feeling confident or sexy in their bodies, and they certainly shouldn’t be reduced to just *that* when they have a multifaceted character expression.”

As of now, Netflix's reply on Instagram currently has over 19,000 likes in a span of 18 hours. The majority of fans agree with Netflix, and they loved that Netflix clapped back at the viewer.

Camila also became aware of the situation, and reposted the conversation on her Instagram Story with the caption: “GO OFF @netflix 👏"

However, the viewer's comment did gain some traction. It received over 2,100 likes and several other fans began commenting on how Riverdale's teen characters do seem to be over-sexualized for their age.

These viewers started describing scenes, including a particular one where Betty strips for adults in a club. Another controversial scene is when Veronica brought her fellow cheerleaders to dance for Archie and his team as they played American football in the Juvenile Detention Center.

"Episode 3x01, when Veronica thought that the only way to cheer up her boyfriend Archie in jail was to set up a show where half naked girls danced before a crowded of convicted criminals."

Some are even accusing Netflix of missing the point with their remark. They highlighted that despite the fact that these actresses are adults in real life, they are portraying teens/minors in a high school. As a result, their characters shouldn't be sexualized, especially as other teens could end up mimicking their behaviour.

Others also accused the show of being a "soft porno". They explain that it's okay for a show to be sexual and to show these types of scenes occasionally. However, they accuse that in Riverdale's case, it's in "every episode" and that sex is shown explicitly when it would've been better if it was implied instead.

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Riverdale's Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) Netflix

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