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Skai Jackson SHUTS DOWN Misconceptions About Her Hair

“White people are so stupid.” A fan tweets in response. "[She] really asked Skai Jackson if she takes her twists out every night."

19 July 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Skai Jackson at the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" World Premiere, El Capitan, Hollywood, CA 12-14-15 — Photo by s_bukley

Disney Channel Jessie's star, Skai Jackson, still finds herself having to correct misconceptions about her hair. During her live-stream, her friend, Josie Totah, ignorantly commented on Skai's hair and faced harsh backlash for it.

First of all, what happened?

Skai was livestreaming on Instagram Live when a viewer brought up Skai's hairstyle. At that moment, Skai had her hair in a ‘twist hairstyle’. Josie then asks:

“You sleep in this hair?”

Before adding that it seems “so painful.”

Despite being friends for so long with Skai, it clearly looks like Josie still had some misconceptions about her hair.

At first, Skai jokingly says that she takes it out every night. Then she answers, “Yes, I sleep in it every night, how else would I sleep?” She holds out her twists to Josie, saying, “Look, they’re soft.”

Surprised, Josie responded, “Oh! Oh my god, they are. You know it doesn’t look soft.”

She then takes it upon herself to learn more about these type of hairstyles.

“Is this how it is for every braid ever? Soft? I’m talking about the big ones. This [hairstyle] is not considered a braid?”

Skai confirms that her current style was a twist and not a braid.

“A twist, got it. So every twist is soft?” Josie laughs, softly. “I’m making a generalisation.”

Skai agrees that braids are hard because they’re braided, but they’re both not painful to sleep in.

Instagram Live viewers' comments started to roll in, with viewers slamming Josie’s ignorance on the topic. Impressively, Josie took it all in stride:

“That was my ignorance, and [Skai] checked me. We’re all learning.”

Then when new viewers came onto the Instagram Live and complimented Skai on her braids, Josie was quick to correct them, saying that "they're twists."

The two friends then switched the topic to Josie’s hair, and they talked about how Josie went to a hair salon because she had wanted to have hair extensions to make her hair longer.

However, while Josie was there, she noticed that the shop also had braid extensions.

“She had braids! I mean, I’m not about to get into a controversy. I’m not about to lose my job, my career...”

She's most likely referring to the controversies celebrities get themselves into when they wear braids due to cultural appropriation.

Anyone remember Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who came under fire in the past due to this?

Anyway, after the video was uploaded, people weren’t happy with Josie’s ignorance on black hairstyles.

Check out the tweets below:

On the other hand, Josie did learn from Skai, and now she knows more about 'twists' and 'braids'.

After all, most of us have moments in our life where we lacked knowledge about a certain thing, right? As long as we learn from it and never make the same mistake, we'll become more knowledgeable and even perhaps, educate others when they make a similar mistake.

It's all about learning, and we think that's exactly what Josie did.

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