Skai Jackson Calls Out People Who Use Cameron Boyce’s Death For Fame

"Don’t pretend that you knew him or were very close to him when you did not," Skai says. "I just think that’s so disrespectful to use [Cameron]'s death for your gain."

15 July 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Skai Jackson at the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" World Premiere, El Capitan, Hollywood, CA 12-14-15 — Photo by s_bukley

Disney Channel's Jessie star, Skai Jackson calls out people who use Cameron Boyce’s death as a way to get more fame and attention.

In her recent Instagram live on 10 July, Skai and her friend, Josie Totah, speak up about this issue when fans brought Cameron's name up.

First, Josie reveals to viewers why she hadn’t posted a ‘rest in peace’ to Cameron. She wasn't sure whether she was in the right to post it because it wasn’t well known to the public that she knew Cameron pretty well, despite the fact that she had acted alongside him in the Disney Channel's Jessie series.

Josie had wanted to respect Cameron and his family by letting those who knew him well post those comments first because to her, it didn’t feel right to post it immediately after hearing the news. She also didn't want people thinking that she was just posting for attention.

But then she received hate for apparently not posting said comments.

She brings up the fact that she's in this situation despite knowing Cameron while there are people out there who are posting about their grief and the impact the news had on them when they didn't even know him in the first place.

“I [...] don’t like the people who don’t even know him, and are using [his death] as an excuse to gain clout”.

Which prompted Skai to continue, by saying to her fans:

“That’s another thing too. Please do not use Cameron as a way for you to gain followers, clout, attention or likes. I just think that’s so disrespectful to use someone's death for your gain."

Skai also reveals that many people were messaging her about Cameron and that she finds these people disrespectful.

"I’m like, I don’t know who you are but don’t use his death as an excuse. Don’t pretend that you knew him or were very close to him when you did not. [...] You litera