Noah Schnapp’s AWKWARD First Kiss And David Dobrik’s COLLAB Coming Soon?!

It was after the filming of Stranger Things season 1 and Noah remembers it vividly. Spoiler alert: he shows us exactly where it took place.

21 June 2019 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - JAN 21: Noah Schnapp at the 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room at Shrine Auditorium on January 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

Yesterday, Stranger Things star, Noah Schnapp uploaded a Q&A video on his YouTube Channel where he answered some of the questions his fans sent in via Twitter.

And, you guessed it, that's exactly where the 'Noah’s first kiss' question came up.

What is your experience with your first kiss?

Well, according to Noah, his first kiss was quite an interesting experience. He revealed that while he was filming Stranger Things season 1, he was constantly talking to this one girl. They'd even planned out everything they were going to do and what they were going to say to each other when they saw each other in person again.

And the story ends up with a young Noah arriving home and sitting on a couch with his crush, experiencing his first kiss…

...When a light bulb on a nearby lamp decided to high tail away from its counterpart and plummet onto the floor, smashing itself in the process.

Stranger Things vibe, anyone? I mean, what were the chances?!

On the YouTube video, Noah hilariously shows off the bright red couch in the story, before jutting the camera swiftly towards the lamp to show that off too…

...Before deciding that it wasn’t 'the' lamp, but the one opposite to it.

“I remember it really well. I remember a lot. It was my first time.”

Best story ever. And not to mention the hilarious video editing skills from Noah! Is it possible to love the young actor even more than we already do?

Then, in another question, a fan asked when he was going to be in a David Dobrik’s vlog. Now, we hear some of you asking: “Er, who is David Dobrik, exactly?”

Well, he's a famous YouTuber who’s well-known for playing pranks on his friends and he's usually found collaborating with other famous YouTubers.

Let's also not forget the fact that he has over 12 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Now, if you're a fan of David Dobrik's vlogs, it’s time for you to get excited because Noah revealed that not only has he already met David, but that David had a whole plan for a collaboration!

Unfortunately though, nothing was set in stone.

...But hold the tears! Because Noah then spontaneously decided to text David to ask for a collaboration. Like, at that moment in time when he was recording the YouTube video.

“Wait, I should text him. I’m going to text him right now.”

It was the most entertaining scene ever as we watched Noah struggle to put the words into his text to David. It went a little like this:

(Types): Hey, David.

(To camera): What should I say? "Can I be in your next video?". No, that’s too like, desperate or forceful. I don’t know what to ask him.

Don't we all relate? We get you, Noah. Who else is like this before an all important text? But after contemplating for a suitable amount of time, Noah finally settled on a simple and straightforward, “Hey David, can I be in your vlogs sometime?”

“There I asked him. Let's see what he says.”

Well, we wouldn't be too surprised if David Dobrik has already invited him for a collaboration by the time we’ve posted this article! After all, Noah Schnapp is quite the famous teen celebrity.

Finally, another fan asked if he listens to fellow Stranger Things co-star Finn Wolfhard’s band, Calpurnia, to which Noah answered, “Yes, I do. I love 'City Boy.'” (Referring to Calpurnia’s debut single).

Who else loves the sweet support between the Stranger Things boys?

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