Millie Bobby Brown Is NOT A Celebrity

Literally. ...Her own words. So, why does the young Stranger Things' star believe she's not a celebrity? Hm. You'd never guess her reasoning...

19 June, 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Millie Bobby Brown, Stanger Things, Eleven
LOS ANGELES - JAN 8: Millie Bobby Brown at the Weinstein And Netflix Golden Globes After Party at Beverly Hilton Hotel Adjacent on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

That’s right. In an Instagram Live, the Stranger Things star states that she doesn’t believe that she’s famous and that she wouldn't even class herself as a celebrity.

This was in response to a fan who asked her about her fame.

Wait. What? We hear fans saying in outrage. Why?

We get you. I mean, who wouldn't agree in saying that Millie is indeed a celebrity? Not only that, but maybe even one of the most popular teenage celebrity at the moment.

After all, she's starring in Stranger Things AKA one of the most popular Netflix series to date, she's constantly mobbed on the streets by fans and she's been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and phew, there's even more that we've lost count. But you get the idea, right?

Definitely a celebrity.

But nah. Apparently not to Millie Bobby Brown. Check out what Millie said in response to a fan asking whether it was hard being a celebrity:

“I don’t think I class myself as a celebrity. I don’t think I’d class anyone as a celebrity. I think everyone is a person, everyone is a human being.”

Admittedly, that's quite some wise words for a young 15-year-old. Millie continued on to explain that everyone has different dreams and some of them may be popularity or fame, but that being a celebrity doesn't mean that you’re better than other people.

She then said that the easiest thing about being an actor was actually the acting.

"The easiest thing about acting is acting. And the hardest thing about acting is learning what comes with acting, which is basically living under a microscope."

But fans stayed zoned on the fact that Millie said she wasn't a celebrity. They continued to insist that Millie was indeed a celebrity, which prompted Millie to say that she doesn't want to be labelled in that way. Like, at all.

“Being a celebrity is not a real word. [...] Fame is such a thing. It’s such a label for someone. I don’t want to be labelled that I’m famous. I just want to be labelled that I’m an actor."

I guess we sort of understand. I mean, who wants labels nowadays? It's the 21st century and we all want to be acknowledged for our skills!

The young Stranger Things star then expanded on her previous point and revealed how it was difficult to learn how to deal with people, different situations, new jobs, new characters and even the press.

“That stuff’s difficult at times. But learning to get pass it is the coolest thing of all and learning to kind of overcome the madness of it all makes you a stronger person in the end.”

Oof. Unfortunately, it's clear from the way Millie spoke that she had to go through a lot of tough times in her career and as a 'celebrity'. Who knows? She could even be referring to the time she was the centre of the homophobic and racist memes that seemed to last forever.

Who else is glad that that's all over now?

Sadly though, it might still be fresh in the Stranger Things star, because Millie then goes on to share advice to people who might be getting ready to face the public eye:

“Keep your family close, and know who your real friends are and stay close to the people that care about you and always follow your gut and your heart.”

Meanwhile, don't forget Godzilla: King of the Monsters is currently in theatres and the upcoming Stranger Things season three release on July 4.

Who else is ready to see 'Mileven'?

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