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LOOK OUT: Dove Cameron’s New Career as a Comedian?!

Caution: Don’t watch the video. You might actually die of laughter!

12 June, 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Dove Cameron
LOS ANGELES - JAN 11: Dove Cameron at the Marie Claire Image Makers Awards 2018 at the Delilah on January 11, 2018 in West Hollywood, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

But for real, during a hilarious interview with the PopBuzz crew (armed with the best edits, might we add), Dove was given a humorous game of Jenga to play, where each block had a question plastered onto it AKA ‘Tower of Truth’.

Simple, right?

But Dove couldn’t help but make the entire crew of PopBuzz almost die in laughter throughout the ENTIRE video, especially with front row seats to her very risky display of ‘Jenga skills’. Seriously. With her unique sense of humour combined with her killer storytelling skills, she doesn’t need Cupid’s help. People fall in love with her automatically.

So, what exactly happened?

First of all, Dove convinces everyone that she has amazing skills in Jenga. Ah, who doesn’t love an impressive dose of self-confidence every now and then? Then in a hilarious slew of answers to the block’s questions, Dove reveals she has a turtle in Japan.

Yes, that’s right.

Her father was on his way back from a trip to Japan and he bought Dove her very own turtle. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite manage to get it onto the plane.

So basically, Dove has a lost turtle in Japan.

Then she reveals her celebrity crush! OMG. You’ll never guess who it really is.


AKA the main dude in the stop-motion animated musical ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ by Tim Burton (for all you Gen Z who can’t, for the life of all humanity, recognise it).

And we love it. Who else is now clamouring their secret love for Jack Skellington from the top of a cliff? Admit it. He was dreamy.

But best of all, what we love about the entire interview was the fact that Dove Cameron wasn’t deterred by the crippling fear of what people might think about how a Hollywood starlet should act like or how they should come across. Her own personality ultimately shines through and trust me, it doesn’t fail to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

I mean, she did gush about how ‘gorgeous’ Jack Skellington was and how he was the ‘dreamiest’. If that’s not her speaking out her soul, we don’t know what is.

Fun fact: she also accidentally managed to get the crew emotionally invested in her game of Jenga.

In a shaky build that was just dangling by the skin of its teeth, you can even hear crew members yelling an agonising ‘no!’

We love that. The love for Dove the crew had transcended to her Jenga game.

Oh, and spoiler alert! Dove watched the finished edits the PopBuzz crew had posted of her interview on Twitter and she loved it!

"whoever edits this has me on the f**king floor"

LOL. Honestly, the edit was brilliant. It deserves its own Oscar. But, I guess you’d be the judge of that? Just watch the video and see for yourself. Hint, hint: (video link)

...Because you’d never guess what she said she’d do if she had a million dollars. (It’s a totally 'Dove' move by the way.)

We love her. ...Did we say that already?

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