Halsey Wishes ALL Fans Were Like BTS' ARMY Fans

nd part of me was like, why isn't everyone's fans doing this? What a better place the world would be." Yes. These are her exact words...

23 June 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Halsey at the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, USA on June 16, 2018. — Photo by PopularImages

During an interview on Wednesday with Zach Sang in the Zach Sang Show, Halsey wholeheartedly praises BTS's fans AKA the ARMYs.

Yes. But first, let's rewind.

Halsey is an American singer and songwriter who’d, as everyone knows by now, recently collaborated with BTS with the song, 'Boys With Luv', that was released on 12 April. So, during this interview she reveals her experience with the ARMYs and how they actually act.

...You know, compared to the way the media often portrays them.

And if you're no stranger to the crazy stories of certain BTS's fans' behaviours that occasionally make it into the headline news, you're definitely well aware of how they're often portrayed.

That is, usually in a negative light.

Why? Well, because K-pop fandoms are a little, er, more 'intense' than perhaps the average US fandoms. They also tend to lash out harshly online whenever they feel their favourite group is under attack or when they feel their group's achievements have gone a little under the radar.

Yes. And when that happens, all hell breaks loose.

They'll all swarm to their social media platforms and use whatever means they have to make sure the world hears their voices loud and clear. In some extreme cases, some of these K-pop fans will even cross the line by sending abusive and personal comments to their targets online, and some go even further by sending death threats.


Halsey doesn't agree with the media portrayal. Like, at all. Check out what she said:

“Their fans are awesome. The ARMYs are great.”
“They’re so poorly represented in culture as these fangirls [who are] crazy, mindless [but] they’re the opposite. They’re intelligent, they’re funny, they’re tasteful [and] they're charitable.”

So, what exactly went down? What made Halsey say these specific statements?

First of all, Halsey reveals how she first tentatively introduced herself to the ARMYs after she was set to collaborate with them, i.e., currently one of the most popular K-pop boy band.

By the way, the singer was already 100% aware of how the ARMYs are usually extremely protective of BTS.

“I’m like hi, like, we’re doing a collaboration please don’t kill me.”

She braced herself. And what exactly did she find out?

...She was welcomed wholeheartedly by the ARMYs and they were super supportive of her.

Not only that, but in return for doing the collaboration with BTS, the ARMYs actually wanted to thank her and together, they decided to do something they knew she cared about.

That is, by donating to a charity in her name.

And Halsey was just wowed by it.

“And part of me was like, why isn't everyone's fans doing this? Can you imagine that if everyone’s fans thanked them by organising charity in their name? What a better place the world would be."

Halsey also adds in the fact that she thinks the ARMYs are also strategic and very intelligent. Why? According to Halsey:

“They’re like the main promotional vehicles of BTS.”

In this situation, Halsey is referring to how the ARMYs are extremely well-known for often purchasing expensive billboard advertisements for BTS. Examples include buying billboard advertisements in Seoul’s Hongdae subway station, London Tower Bridge and the millions that was spent on a Times Square billboard.

Now these are some very dedicated fans. BTS is quite the lucky group, don't you agree?

And what did the ARMYs say in response to Halsey's praise?

“Halsey gets us, she understands us ARMYs, she's already such a smart and amazing artist and then she goes and shows how understanding she is of my fandom, my respect for her keeps growing everyday.”
“God I love Halsey so much!! As an army I really appreciate her standing up for us and being so kind to our boys.”
“That was so sweet from Halsey, it’s really good to see someone talking about us this way. We’ve been painted so badly by the media, that hearing someone having so many beautiful things to say about us made me tear up.”

It seems like Halsey's been welcomed as an honorary member of the ARMY now! Who would've thought? And what about you? Are you a BTS fan? And do you agree with Halsey's comments? What are your thoughts?

Meanwhile, don't forget to check out Halsey's new song, 'Nightmare', and her new behind the scenes video on YouTube!

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