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Finn Wolfhard's Possible Cinnabon Deal? And A Tattoo Of Someone's Name On His Arm?

Guess how Finn responded? Well, he tweeted these two words: "Holy sh*t." Well. Who could've said it better?

11 July 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture' Presentation held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

The cast of Stranger Things sat down with Entertainment Weekly and Finn Wolfhard spoke out about his love for Cinnabon, specifically their cinnamon buns. Finn told his co-star Noah Schnapp that they were 'delicious cinnamon buns’.

Not long after, Cinnabons tweeted at him!

Yes. Cinnabon was quickly made aware of this fact, and when they heard, they wasted no time in tweeting at him:

And guess how Finn responded?

Hilariously, he immediately tweeted this back:

Well, we think he's definitely interested.

Nick Wolfhard, Finn's older brother, and voice actor of Jack Sullivan in The Last Kids on Earth, spoke about it too, when asked about it from fans.

In his Twitch live-stream, he told fans that Finn literally messaged him about that a second before he went live. Apparently, they both loved Cinnabon and grew up eating their cinnamon buns.

He told a sweet story of how their dad used to bring home the buns home every Saturday when they were younger, and that he still does that sometimes even now.

Nick Wolfhard told fans in the livestream:

“I just realised if Finn gets like a Cinnabon deal and we get Cinnabons for life, because Cinnabon is like my favourite f**king thing ever. I love them."

Fans were all over the moon for Finn and they offered congratulatory tweets to the star:

While others are afraid Finn might let the amazing opportunity slip:

We hope Finn wasted no time in messaging them! Perhaps by now, they're working on a deal with him. Well, we'll know soon enough when he starts posting about Cinnabon!

And if the sponsorshop works out, we know that Cinnabon will benefit from it greatly. After all, we're sure everyone remembers what happened with Eggos when they made an appearance in Stranger Things season one. With them being Eleven's favourite snack, fans became obsessed with them.

According to Sam Ro, Managing Editor of Yahoo Finance, Eggos saw an increase in sales in the aftermath of Stranger Things' success. In fact, it saw a staggering 14% year-on-year increase! We're sure that wasn't a coincidence.

And now with Stranger Things season three being released and the series doing better than ever, now seems like the perfect time to make a deal with the young star.

Now what's going on with the tattoo Finn said he'll get on his arm? Who's name is it?

In a Wired autocomplete interview, a fan had apparently googled whether or not Finn has a tattoo.

In response, Finn said:

“I am going to get a tattoo in my brother’s name.”

Of course, fans flocked to Nick's live-stream to ask whether or not he heard about this. In response, Nick admits to fans that unfortunately, he hadn't watched that interview yet. When fans start roasting him, Nick responds that Finn goes on a lot of interviews:

“Oh sh*t, I never saw that. He does so many, alright? Give me a break."

However, Nick revealed that Finn did send him a text message that he was going to do this, and initially, Nick was shocked and didn't know what to say. But then admitted that it was the nicest thing anyone has done for him.

Of course, Nick also said that it would be fine if Finn didn’t keep his promise because he understood that it could affect his acting career. After all, directors might not be too happy with his tattoo depending on its placement. It could very well affect the type of character he can play.

“And if you’re on camera and you do roles, that can obviously detriment some aspects. That would mean either they would have to CG it out or something.”

But either way, we kind of envy the brothers' bond. They must be pretty close for Finn to want to do this, don't you think? Who else is jealous?

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