Finn Wolfhard Kisses A Boy - Fans Defend Him From Being Gay

"Can [y'all] leave #FinnWolfhard alone? Yeah he kissed a guy [...] that doesn't mean he's gay." An angry fan tweets.

1 August 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture' Presentation held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

[UPDATE: Finn And Noah ALMOST Kissed! "Byler" Could've Been REAL! Read more here]

Stranger Things' star, Finn Wolfhard, is starring in the upcoming Goldfinch (2019) movie, and the trailer has just been released. And fans are going crazy because there's one scene where Finn kisses another boy.


The clip is actually spreading on social media and fans are voicing their shock and outrage. Some are even questioning whether Finn is, in fact, gay.

Check out some of the tweets below:

Some fans even took it seriously, as if Finn had come out as gay.

Yes. These fans are upset that they might've just 'lost their chance to be in a relationship with Finn'.

On the bright side, loyal fans are slamming those tweets, saying that Finn's an actor and it's just a role.

Oh, and no matter what his sexuality is, it's not up to anyone to decide.

Check out those tweets below:

We're thinking that Finn might be appreciating these latter fans. Why? Well, because Finn is publicly known for disliking obsessive fans.

How do we know? Well, in 2017, he tweeted this out:

This was after Stranger Things' success, and some fans were clearly being obsessive. It even got to the point where Finn and his co-stars were being harassed.

What's the big deal? Why is Finn angry?

Well, the point is, Finn is an actor. He's playing a role, and in the script, his character happens to kiss another character. Just like in Stranger Things when Mike Wheeler (Finn) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) kissed.

Unfortunately, though, it appears that some fans can't differentiate between Finn and the roles he play. And that's when it becomes hard for Finn to do his job.

The same thing happened to IT co-star, Jack Dylan Grazer. He played Eddie Kaspbrak, and Finn played Richie Tozier. The two characters were close friends with one another, and are part of the 'Losers' club.

And when the movie was released, many fans loved the two boys together.

So much, in fact, that they started to ship the two actors together. The pairing became known as 'Fack', i.e., Finn and Jack.

Unfortunately, 'Fack' became so popular that fans started to question whether Finn and Jack were actually in a relationship.

Finally, Jack spoke out against the fans' speculations during a livestream:

[Reads comment]. 'Fack.' Come on guys, come on. let's give 'Fack' a rest please."
"It's kind of annoying. Guys, I don't have a gay relationship with Finn, we all know that. It's a joke."

The point is, they're all actors. And for Finn, this is just another role to his resume. He is a well-rounded actor, and impressively, he's managed to play a lot of different characters already.

For example, Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things? He's a loyal and compassionate friend, who is also the leader of the group.

Then there's Richie Tozier in IT, the foul-mouthed comic relief, and Player (which he voiced) in Carmen Sandiego who happens to be an extremely intelligent boy, and also a talented hacker.

And now we have Boris Pavlikovsky in The Goldfinch, a Polish/Russian boy who grew up with an abusive and alcoholic father.

So perhaps fans can dial it down and just appreciate Finn in all his roles. And learn to differentiate between Finn's life and his job.

[UPDATE: Finn And Noah ALMOST Kissed! "Byler" Could've Been REAL! Read more here]

It Chapter Two hits theatres on September 6 and The Goldfinch (2019) on September 27. Meanwhile, Carmen Sandiego is available to stream on Netflix.

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