Finn Wolfhard HANGS OUT With Ghostbusters Co-Stars

"Finn has such a kind heart.” Stranger Things' co-star Millie Bobby Brown says. And it looks like his new co-stars might agree, too.

15 July 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture' Presentation held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

What did Finn do as soon as the press tour and interviews for Stranger Things wrapped up? Well, he wasted no time before arriving on set for the Ghostbusters (2020) reboot. Not only that, but he's already busy making friends with fellow castmates, Mckenna Graceful (his on-screen sister), Celeste OConnor and Logan Kim.

In fact, Finn's even following them all on Instagram.

So, what exactly has he been up to with his new co-stars?

Well, according to a picture Logan uploaded on his Instagram, they've been bonding over ice cream! And despite the age differences, they all look like they're having a great time and they seem to get along very well.

Of course, Finn’s no stranger to meeting new people. After all, he's worked in Stranger Things and IT, and in each shoot, he looks like he gets along pretty well with the rest of the cast.

Stranger Things' co-star, Millie Bobby Brown AKA Eleven, has even spoken highly of him.

“I love Finn because Finn has such a kind heart and he actually cares about you. Finn is more of that chill friend.”

So what do we know about Ghostbusters (2020)?

Well, there's still not a whole lot of information, and we still lack plot details. However, director Jason Reitman has just released the first on-set pictures of the family together on Twitter...

...And it appears to have some clues in it.

First of all, though, fans will be relieved to find that Finn will be keeping his current hairstyle. In the photo, McKenna is donning a similar hairstyle to Finn's, so it seems that Finn's current appearance is what the director had in mind for his character after all.

Well, this means less prep time before shoots for Finn, so he's definitely lucky this time round.

Now, what about the plot clues?

Fans immediately picked up on the glasses that McKenna's wearing in the picture. Check the picture out here.

With this clue, fans quickly took to Twitter to voice their guesses for the upcoming plot.

Check out their tweets below:

Hm? Do you agree with their guesses?

We won't have the finer details until a trailer is released, but in the meantime, you can catch Finn on the big screen as Richie Tozier in IT: Chapter Two that's set to release in September later this year.

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