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Disney's Lion King Remake Already BOMBED? Fans Are Scared After Hearing Critics' Reviews

"I'm trying my hardest not to watch any more Lion King reviews..." A fan tweets. Oh dear.

14 July 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

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When Disney's Lion King live-action was announced, fans all over the world were overwhelmed with excitement. But when it hit US theatres on July 9, it received a 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. So now fans in the UK are worried for what it might mean.

So, what were the top critics' review for the Lion King?

"This is the Lion King’s greatest strength, but also its greatest weakness, as by trying to make the savannah as accurate as possible the Disney film seems to forget what it is we loved about the 1994 original." - Daily Express (UK) 3/5
"It's as if every creative decision were subordinate to the film's misguided insistence on realism, on keeping the mannerisms and movements of these magically intelligent creatures "believable." - AV Club D+
"Our review of "The Lion King," from @AOScott: If a movie could be judged solely on technique, it might qualify as a great one. But there is a lot of professionalism and not much heart." - New York Times

It appears that the problem lies with the Disney's live-action being more about making the film look realistic as possible, and so, forgot to focus on what made the classic a classic in the first place.

Fans were worried after these reviews were published and took to Twitter to voice their thoughts:

While, fans in countries where the movie hasn't been released yet, are trying to get an impression of the film by listening to the soundtrack that was released.

Oof. So far, it's not looking very good for the Lion King.

However, forget the poor ratings, because there's still hope for the Lion King. These reviews are by critics, so it doesn't mean it reflects the thoughts of the general audience, right?

I mean, there are cases with critics giving a poor score, but the movies captured the audiences' heart.

The Greatest Showman, anyone?

Remember how it had an average score of 56% by 245 critics, but the audience loved it a whole lot more? The audience actually scored it a much higher 86% on average by over 25,000 normal viewers.

So there's a chance for the Lion King to make a comeback. So what if it's considered a bomb by critics? What makes a movie is the general audience.

So let's not count the Lion King out just yet.

Disney's Lion King hits UK theatres on July 19.

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