Disney's Lion King Mufasa [SPOILER ALERT] DIES?!

[SPOILER] "How y'all not know Mufasa dies?" A bewildered fan asked. Yes. Because some fans actually didn't know Mufasa dies.

27 July 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

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#Mufasa is trending on Twitter. And it's filled with tweets from fans who've just watched Disney's Lion King live action. But the tweets that stood out the most were the tweets from some fans who were actually shocked that Mufasa died.

Yes, it's true. It turns out there are some fans who didn't know beforehand that Mufasa dies in the film.

Millennials are probably thinking, "What? The film's a classic. Surely everyone has already seen it, right? The whole plot is literally the aftermath of Mufasa dying."

But with the number of shocked tweets to go by, it seems that a lot more people than we thought haven't actually seen the original animation. And we think it's possibly safe to say that the majority of these shocked fans are within the Gen Z. After all, Disney's original Lion King animation did come out in 1994.

Any Millennials+ feeling old, over here?

However, Disney did have a re-release for the animation in 2002 for IMAX and large-format theatres, but it seems that despite this, it still slipped past the radar for the majority of Gen Z.

Anyway, check out some of these tweets from the people who were shocked by Mufasa's death:

Unfortunately, it appears that quite a few people hadn't yet gotten the chance to see the live action, and because the hashtag #Mufasa is trending, many people couldn't help but see the Mufasa spoiler.

So it was no surprise when they angrily vented out their feelings on Twitter.

Here are some of those angry fans' responses:

Anyway, while all this is happening, most of us Millenials+ are reading these tweets with an amused expression.

We guess the generation gap is really showing in this situation.

But now let's look at the Lion King's numbers.

According to Forbes, the opening weekend brought in an estimated $185 million, and according to BoxOffice, it brought in a global taking of $433 million.

It's even doing well with the audience reviews, and it's actually a huge difference to the original critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes where over 350 critics gave an average score of 53%.

The audience score actually sits at an impressive 88%, and this is with over 48,000 votes.

It looks like critics didn't dictate Disney's Lion King live action's success!

However, not everything was smooth sailing for the live action. A lot of fans criticised Beyoncé's voice acting skills for the character, Nala.

Though fans did come to her defence, it appears that the majority thought her performance was a little mediocre. Read the full article here.

In the meantime, Disney's Lion King is in UK and US theatres now.

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