Bella Thorne Says Instagram Should Ban All Photoshop Pictures To Lower Suicide Rates

"First of all, stop it. You're effing beautiful." Bella says to those who use filters or Facetune on their pictures.

12 July 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

LOS ANGELES - DEC 2: Bella Thorne at the Jingle Ball 2017 at the Forum on December 2, 2017 in Inglewood, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

Bella Thorne sat down with Logan Paul on his YouTube podcast, Impaulsive. In the podcast, she discusses Instagram and the fact that they should ban photoshop. Bella explains that she believes it could lower suicide rates.

Firstly, Bella explains that it's important that you can relate to somebody and that the worse thing someone can do is to show a version of themselves as being 'perfect'.

"I think that in our world, you need to feel like you can relate to somebody and the worst thing you can do is show this perfect [person]."

This is the reason Bella's been trying to show off her worst sides on Instagram in the past two years. Even before becoming famous, Bella would follow this mentality, and wouldn't hide her acne from others.

"Before I was doing this, I went out of my way to show my cystic acne or as my friends Scott once said 'you go out of your way to make yourself ugly', which was offensive and I don’t think that's true but okay!"

However, because of this, it makes her a target for ridicule since she doesn't look Instagram perfect like how other celebrities tend to look. She stays raw and says that even if she has cellulite, she'll let it show in the pictures.

She even takes it with her when she's doing photoshoots. Bella reveals she bans anybody who works with her from editing her in any single way.

"This image that's not obtainable, that's not relatable, that's not realistic. It literally doesn't make any sense to me [...] to keep preaching this image."
“So if you don’t like how I do things or how I say things or how I spell things, you can kindly F [off]. Seriously."

Bella then links these edits to suicide rates.

I think with Instagram they should really snap down on FaceTune and photoshop.
First of all, stop it. You're effing beautiful.

She continues to say that, "Instagram should put a ban on all photoshop on their platform, this isn’t good for the psyche, and I think we could lower suicide rates."

At least, if Instagram doesn't put an outright ban, Bella insists that any picture that has been photoshopped should have a label that says it has been edited. And it should also point out the specific features that have been edited.

"We have to do something. You can't edit yourself to look more perfect." Bella says, and ask fans if they rather suicide rates to keep going up, to the highest it's ever been.

Of course, Bella says that this doesn't mean it could be the answer to stop the suicide rates completely, but Bella fully blames social media platforms for letting "bullying happen" and "letting the suicides happen all over their platforms".

"So we have to do something to at least try and help," Bella finishes off.

If a ban on photoshops on Instagram were to happen, however, Bella says that she believes the short term effect would be an increase in suicide rates. She explains that people won't know how to react to this sudden change, and so they would panic, but that in the long run, we'd see an overall decrease in suicide rates.

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