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Noah Schnapp's 'A BOOK OF' Bi-Annual Print: "A Portion Of Proceeds Go To Charity" 

"@abookof A portion of the proceeds will go to @solvingkidscancer". Noah posts.

10 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - JAN 21: Noah Schnapp at the 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards -

Press Room at Shrine Auditorium on January 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp is featured in the Bi-Annual Print of "A Book Of: Now, September 2019", and parts of the proceeds will be going to the Solving Kids' Cancer.


In this edition, Noah is interviewed by Denise J. Mallabo and is asked about Stranger Things season 3, his time with his co-stars and, of course, the 80s.


A short preview includes Noah saying:

“Becoming an actor has made me more mature,"

"I learned to be grateful for the things I have because I've gotten to do some amazing things that not many people have to chance to do,"


Noah also reveals that he has still managed quite a bit of normalcy in his otherwise hectic life from his fame from Stranger Things.


"I go to a sleepaway camp in the summer and be gone for seven weeks. And I've been going since I was 8-years-old but this is going to be my last summer."

"I go to a public school; I've been going since kindergarten. I still get to be a normal kid and still do these but I always make sure that I get a good balance of both,"

Fans can find more information about the Bi-Annual Print of "A Book Of: Now, September 2019" here.


So, what exactly is Solving Kids' Cancer? What impact have they had so far?


Their tagline is "every kid deserves to grow up", and it was founded by two fathers, John London and Scott Kennedy, who'd sadly lost their child to cancer.


Solving Kids' Cancer is funding "34 pediatric cancer research projects", has "collaboratively funded 17 projects with 19 charity partners" and "supported ground-breaking clinical trials".


More information on the Solving Kids' Cancer's projects can be found here.

Stranger Things season 1-3 is available to stream on Netflix now, and Stranger Things season 4 is expected to start shooting early next year in January 2020.

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Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp (Will Byers)

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