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Nick Wolfhard SLAMS Celebs Money For Inaccurately Reporting His Net Worth

“You know what the worst part about this is? People are going to [think] I make this much." Nick tweets.

23 September 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Picture via IMDb 

Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard's older brother, Nick Wolfhard, slams Celebs Money after they inaccurately reported his net worth.




Today, Nick tweeted out a screenshot from an article from TV Overmind, titled ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nick Wolfhard’.


Check out what the screenshot says below:


“According to Celebs Money, Nick has a net worth of $1.1 million. He receives reasonable payment as a voice actor and is paid depending on the word count of the script that he is narrating.”

"The pay sometimes goes to $3,000 per audiobook, translating to a higher value if he concentrates on many audiobooks."


The article states that Nick has a net worth of $1.1 million with the source taken from Celebs Money.


Of course, Nick wasn't exactly happy about this. In fact, he set the record straight immediately in an irritated tweet:

“Please give me 1.1 million dollars so this becomes true”


Then he goes on to explain why this inaccurate information is a pretty big problem.


“You know what the worst part about this is? People are going to read this thinking I make this much and are then possibly going to write me off as if I don't need the work, this is not a profession you get into because of the money.”

“I do voice over because I'm passionate about it, payment or not this is something that I love doing regardless. I'm very lucky to GET paid for doing a job that I love, many people don't have that luxury, so I see this as something to never take for granted and always do by best.”


Unfortunately, though, not everyone will see Nick's tweet, and there'll be people who actually believe that Nick has a net worth of $1.1 million. And according to Nick, this means he might be overlooked as a casting choice.



So, wait. How on earth can a celebrity's net worth be listed so widely inaccurately?


First of all, Celebs Money defined net worth as:

“Everything you own of significance (Assets) minus what is owed in debts (Liabilities). Assets include cash and investments, real estate, cars [...].”


And since Nick’s income and assets aren’t published, Celebs Money will use estimates. They'll use estimates from his income from his work as a voice actor, narrating for audiobooks, Twitch income from subscribers and advertisements, and sponsors for Twitter or Instagram posts…


Then they'll publish an estimate. And once it's there? It's there for a long time.


Which then leads to more problems. Of course, when one source of information inaccurately reports something, it can spread quite quickly as news channel tend to report from each other and use the same source of information. And some sites don’t revise their figures for years.


In fact, The New York Times wrote an article on this, saying that “no one actually knows anything”.


For example, Celebrity Net Worth? AKA the most popular site that most people go on to find how much their favourite celebrities’ net worth is?


Most of it is probably inaccurate.


According to The New York Times, celebrities' publicists are unlikely to complain if they publish figures that claim their celebrity has a larger net worth than they actually do. It might even be better for their public image if they're thought to be rich. 


"Publicists are less likely to complain if you err on the side of calling their clients rich. “I do think our users understand we’re talking about the best possible ballpark,” - Brian Warner


Of course, the word 'ballpark' is basically another word for 'guess'. With a low accuracy rate, right?


But according to The New York Times' article, if the website is the only one that's willing to give an answer to a popular question that people are dying to know, then whether or not it's actually true, the public will most likely trust you.


And then it becomes a cycle. Because when trusted media and reporters start to quote that website as a source, it becomes even more believable and true.


And the 'net worth' includes the celebrities' houses, cars, and whatever shares or assets they have. All that stuff that gets murky, and there's really no straight answer.


"Rich people don’t know how much money they have, and “net worth” includes appraisals on all sorts of nonliquid assets, from cars and houses to fractions of companies."


"Jeff Bezos doesn’t have $150 billion in gold coins in a swimming-pool vault under the Space Needle. Most people know that, at least on some level. But that doesn’t stop us from Googling, and it doesn’t stop Google from sourcing snippet results from CNW.


And the article finally ends with this:


“The American media has printed guesses and lies about celebrities for as long as the two have existed.”

Of course, a lot of us are already aware of these type of websites and do take them with a grain of salt. After all, previous celebrities have corrected their own net worth before. So, unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if Nick Wolfhard will be the last celebrity to have to correct this.



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Nick Wolfhard (Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard's brother)

Fonticha Tran is news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is also responsible for researching and writing news articles. She also keeps track of the celebrities’ on our watchlist while monitoring their social media for any new updates.  


Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 


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