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MrBeast ANNOUNCES Hitting 20 Million Trees & What's Next? (TeamTrees)

"Wow, we actually hit our goal of planting 20 million trees. That's insane. [...] I'd love to make this a yearly thing." MrBeast says.

28 December 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

MrBeast - Picture via Make An Impact -

On December 28, MrBeast uploaded a YouTube video to announce to fans that they've finally hit their goal of planting 20 million trees by 2020. He also explains how he hopes TeamTrees could become a "yearly thing".


Let's rewind.


In the 2:34 minutes long video titled, "Important TeamTrees Announcement", MrBeast starts off by telling fans the magnitude of their accomplishment.


"First, 20 million trees is insane. If they were planted 8 feet apart, that's enough trees to plant around the globe."


Next, he tells fans that he shouldn't get all the credit for TeamTrees. He explains that it was the result of everyone who donated and all the influencers who spread the word, including those who contributed in any way. 

"Second, I want to go on the record say I know I'll get most of the credit for TeamTrees but I really shouldn't.

"Over 500,000 unique people donated to the campaign and hundreds if not thousands of people with influence promoted it."


MrBeast goes on to say how fans organized "fundraising for trees", how they "donated [their] tooth fairy money, started lemonade stands" and how it was amazing to see how passionate these fans were about the TeamTrees project.



"It was just truly amazing to watch."


He continues to say that it was all the communities combined, i.e. the YouTube community, the Reddit community, the Twitter community and the meme community, of how they all came together to create the TeamTrees community.

Finally, MrBeast ends the video by saying that this wasn't the end for TeamTrees and that there's "a lot more to come in the future". He then explains that he wants to make this a "yearly thing".


"There are a lot of problems in this world, and if once a year we can get the entire internet together to just try to make a change... I think that's amazing and I think that's worth doing."



Who were the most notable donations?


Here are the top 4 donators and their donations:

Tobi Lutke (CEO and Founder of Shopify): One million and one trees.

Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc.): One million trees.

Marc Benioff (Founder of Salesforce): 900,000 trees

Plants Vs. Zombies (Game): 500,000 trees.

Each tree costs $1, and at the time of writing, over 20.8 million trees have been planted.

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MrBeast (TeamTrees)

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