MrBeast Is SENDING Fans' Pics To The MOON In NASA Rover!

"For $10 I’ll put whatever picture you want, on the moon!" MrBeast tweets.

25 January 2021 by Fonticha Tran

On January 24, Mr Beast reveals to fans that he had secured "storage space" on a NASA rover, and for $10, fans can send a picture to the moon!


Check out MrBeast's tweet below:



"For $10 I’ll put whatever picture you want, on the moon!"

Later, MrBeast added:


"I’m being 100% series! [sic] Later this year NASA is putting a rover on the moon and I managed to buy storage space on it. I thought it’d be fun to let you guys put whatever you want on the moon lol"


In a YouTube video on his second channel titled "Put something on the Moon", MrBeast explains that he had managed to "convince" NASA to allow him to purchase storage on their moon rover.


He continues to say that he thought it would be "cool" to make the "universe's first digital time capsule".


“No joke, for $10 I’ll put whatever picture you want on the moon. Basically NASA is putting a rover on the moon and I managed to convince them to let me buy storage on their moon rover. [...] And instead of doing something dumb like putting a jar of my farts on the moon, I thought it’d be cool to make the universe's first digital time capsule. Which is why you’re here.”


MrBeast then adds that each fan who pays $10 for a picture to be sent on the moon will receive a "certificate of authenticity" to prove that it happened.


He also states that this may be the "first and maybe only chance" to put a picture on the moon, and to "not pass this opportunity to be a part of history".



“Every single one of you that puts something on the moon will get a certificate of authenticity, so for decades to come, you can prove to people that you literally put something on the moon."


"You can put a picture of your mom on the moon. You can put a picture of your dog on the moon. [...] Assuming it’s legal, you can put anything you want on the moon. Anything. This is your first and maybe only chance to ever pout a photo or video on the moon."

"So don’t pass this opportunity up to be a part of history. You may never get a chance to put a photo or video on the moon again."

Fans will have to upload the picture online, which will then be placed into a "hard drive", before it's sent to the moon in the rover.



How did fans react?


A lot of people are already getting on board, tweeting out the pictures that they have already uploaded for $10 to be sent to the moon.





Premier esports team TSM "Team SoloMid" also tweeted out:



"First esports team on the moon? Bet."



And even YouTuber Larray tweeted:



"did i just pay 10$ to send james [charles] booty pics to the moon? Absolutely"

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MrBeast (TeamTrees)

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