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Fans DEFEND Millie Bobby Brown In Noah's DELETED TikTok Video

"The fact that you sexualized and stared at a minors breast is what's really uncomfortable." A fan tweets.

23 January 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Millie Bobby Brown at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Godzilla: King Of The Monsters'

held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, USA on May 18, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

On January 19, Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown appeared in Noah Schnapp's TikTok video, but quickly received backlash for her outfit choice. Fans, however, quickly rushed to Millie's defence.


Let's rewind.


It all started when Noah began regularly uploading on TikTok, and when fans kept asking him to bring in his best friend, Millie Bobby Brown, for a video, Noah finally did just that.


Despite the two having fun dancing in Noah's TikTok video, haters quickly slammed Millie for her choice of "tops", saying that it exposed too much of her cleavage. (Read more here).


However, fans quickly rushed to Millie's defence and clapped back at the haters.


Check out their comments below:


"Telling girls that they shouldn’t dress a certain way is an outdated and, quite frankly, sexist mindset that indirectly feeds into the same rhetoric that men try to use when a girl is sexually assaulted (ie. “well you should have worn that out”)."

"Shes 15 I think she's old enough to choose to her own outfits, if she feels confident and happy that's all that matters it's other people (not a jump at you or anything) sexualising her that's a problem."

"i know girls in year 8 that dress like this? idk it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me she’s almost 16 and her decision what she wears."

Other fans also slammed the fact that the haters focused on Millie's cleavage instead of how Millie and Noah were having fun, dancing.


"The fact that you sexualized and stared at a minors breast is what's really uncomfortable

"the fact that thats wat u noticed instead of the dance..."

"That would be your fault for sexualizing a 15 year olds chest in the first place. Bye."


Altogether, this isn't the first time Millie had been slammed for her outfit choice or her appearance. Back in November 2019, during the Stranger Things' season 3 screening at DGA Theatre in New York City, fans had criticized her for looking "old".


Even Billie Eilish, who recently turned 18, was also sexualized on Twitter, although fans also quickly leapt to the star's defence.

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Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, is writing a book.

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