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Liza Koshy REVEALS To Fans She Directed An Episode On "Liza On Demand" 

"Thank you in advance for the Emmy for Best Director." Liza jokingly says.

23 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

New York, NY - May 06, 2019: Liza Koshy arrives for the 2019 Met Gala celebrating Camp:

Notes on Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art — Photo by SharpShooter

On October 22, Liza Koshy announced to fans in a hilarious Instagram post that she has recently made her directing debut on Liza on Demand.


First of all, Liza starts the Instagram clip with a joke. She reveals to fans that she's recently been "wearing this hat", a hat which says "Director".


She then proceeds to cackle crazily as she whips off her jacket to reveal an oversized, grey shirt that says:


"Because I'm the director that's why."


The scene then cuts to Liza wearing another black, tucked in T-shirt that says:


“Don’t make me use my director voice”


Liza then explains excitedly to fans that she had directed Liza on Demand season 2 episode 5 titled The Art of Settling. Liza then says, “[it] has been a dream of mine, and it’s coming true.”

“I’m so excited, so thankful so blessed so honoured so ready. [...] Thank you for the constant support and thank you in advance for the Emmy for Best Director.” Liza jokes.



What is the episode "The Art of Settling" about?


It focuses on the characters, Liza and her roommates, Harlow (Kimiko Glenn) and Oliver (Travis Coles), where Oliver advises the two girls to aim "lower" for dates. But it seems that Oliver has aimed too low, judging by his new boyfriend.

Liza on Demand is an American comedy web series on YouTube premium. Although there is a membership fee for those who want to watch all the episodes immediately, fans can still view it for free on YouTube when a new episode is released every week.

Liza Koshy is the co-creator and executive producer of the series.

Liza is also set to star in Netflix's Work It (2019) alongside Tall Girl's Sabrina Carpenter, Teen Beach's Jordan Fisher and Love, Simon's Keiynan Lonsdale.

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YouTuber Liza Koshy (Liza On Demand)

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