James Charles ADMITS Zendaya's Make Up Look Was Better Than Him

14 October, 2021

"To make things even worse, [...] I was so nervous to get this opportunity with Zendaya that I left my contacts at my hotel in New York City." James Charles reveals.

Tana Mongeau Says Friend Makes $7000 In a Sugar Relationship & Warns Of Dangers

12 October, 2021

"Tana was like, you’re literally going to get stuffed with drugs and cut open and thrown in a ditch. I was like, perfect, hope I get $5,000." Tana Mongeau's friend says.

Finn Wolfhard Didn't Drive 'Ecto-1' On Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2021!

14 October, 2021

"I was in the [Ecto-1] a lot doing lots of fake driving. There was a stunt guy." Finn Wolfhard says.

James Charles Speaks Out About Bullying Mackenzie Ziegler Rumors

12 October, 2021

"I was giving Maddie more attention and didn't have the best questions for Kenzie [...] this was a good learning lesson for me." James Charles admits.

TUDUM's Netflix Fan Event DISAPPOINTS Umbrella Academy Fans

13 October, 2021

"NO SEASON 3 ANNOUNCEMENTS???????!!!!!!☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️" "​Bruh, not even a release date?" Disappointed fans write on the live chat.

Finn Wolfhard REVEALS Fans Break 2 Meter Rule With Him: Not "Fantastic"

9 October, 2021

"It’s human. Even me, I’m guilty of it. I see celebrities and get awestruck and forget about everything else.” Finn Wolfhard says.