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Keemstar ANNOUNCES #DramaAlert's Expansion Into Monthly Magazines

"Tbh, I’d pay for a subscription. It’d be fun to leave them laying around and reminisce on old shit randomly." MrBeast tweets in response.

29 December 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Keemstar via Keemstar's YouTube Channel

On December 29, Daniel "Keemstar" Keem tweeted out to fans that he was going to "start expanding "DramaAlert" in 2020, and that could include launching a "monthly magazine".


Check out Keemstar's tweet below:


"In 2020 I’m going to start expanding #DramaAlert We might even launch a monthly magazine. Now I know the magazine idea seems ass backwards since print media is dead. But, I want to start recording the events of online entertainment where big tech does control its existence."


So, what were his fans' reactions?


There were mixed responses. Some wondered whether anyone actually read "print magazines" anymore.


However, Keemstar waved away the concern, stating that it might only be "10 people" but that he was "still going to do it."


"Maybe only 10 people. Who knows? But I’m still going to do it."


Others believed that Keemstar would be the one to revive the "print magazine" industry with many saying that they would definitely subscribe to the monthly magazines.


Even fellow YouTuber, MrBeast, tweeted that he would pay for the potential DramaAlert's monthly magazine subscription:

"Tbh, I’d pay for a subscription. It’d be fun to leave them laying around and reminisce on old shit randomly." - MrBeast 


However, an eagled eye fan said that this would reverse some of the good of #TeamTrees. This fan is referring to MrBeast's recent accomplishment of planting 20 million trees by 2020 with the help of the internet community. 

MrBeast has since announced what he hopes to do next. Read more here.

Meanwhile, the rest of Keemstar's fans are giving advice. Some are suggesting an email newsletter that summarizes scoops and upcoming stories. Others are telling Keemstar to create an app and launch digital magazines instead so that fans could read from their phones.


Finally, a fan suggested cashing in on old stories. For example, in the monthly magazines, there could be a previously infamous scoop that comes with a "collector's item" as well as printing it as a "limited edition".


Of course, fans are also suggesting that Keemstar reserve a spot for small, up-and-coming YouTubers, i.e. the "future of YouTube".

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Keemstar (Monthly Magazines DramaAlert)

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