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Justin Bieber Is OFFICIALLY On TikTok (@justinbieber)

"Am I doing this right #morph". Justin's first TikTok video description reads.

2 January 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

INGLEWOOD, CA, USA - APRIL 03, 2016: singer Justin Bieber at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards held at the Forum in Los Angeles. — Photo by PopularImages

On January 2, Justin Bieber revealed to fans that he officially joined TikTok.


That's right. 

In a simple tweet, Justin attached a link to his verified TikTok account, @justinbieber. There, Justin had already uploaded his first TikTok.


Here's the gist: It's a video of the 'Face Morphing Effect', a TikTok trend. It shows pictures of Justin as a toddler, ageing until he reaches his current age, 25.


The caption reads:


"Am I doing this right #morph."


It's only been less than two hours, and at the time of writing, Justin already has over 31.7k followers and 21.6k likes, the numbers of which are increasing rapidly with every new refresh.


Of course, Justin isn't following anyone yet, and his bio remains empty.



So, what exactly are fans reactions?


Basically, it seems as if TikTok is about to gain a lot more users as a lot of Justin's fans are hurrying to download the app just for Justin’s videos.


Check out Justin's fans' excited tweets below:


"aight im on my way to download this app."

"I really downloaded tik tok just for you."

"Omg omg i have to install tiktok now 😭😭🖤♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥"


Oh, and fans are already pretty certain that Justin will take over TikTok pretty soon.


"give Justin less than 24 hours to take over tiktok."

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Justin Bieber (#Bieber2020 US Tour 2020)

Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, is writing a book.

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