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Jeffree Star ANNOUNCES Valentine Mystery Boxes & Merch 2020 + Price List

"NEW MYSTERY BOX ALERT 🆘 THIS Friday JAN. 31st we are launching ALL NEW Valentine’s merch AND insane mystery boxes!" Jeffree tweets.


25 January 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Jeffree Star - Picture via

On January 25, Jeffree Star announced to fans that his new Valentine's Day Mystery Boxes and Valentine's Day merchandise will be launching on January 31 at 10 AM PST on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website.


Check out his announcement tweet below:

"NEW MYSTERY BOX ALERT 🆘 THIS Friday JAN. 31st we are launching ALL NEW Valentine’s merch AND insane mystery boxes! 🔑❤️ We plan to redeem ourselves from the holiday and bring you the most epic launch 🔥 Mark the calendar and don’t be late! #JeffreeStarCosmetics."


This year, there will be three tiers of the Valentine's Day Mystery Boxes:


Premium $60 (White and red box) - Contains 4 items (3 exclusives). Retail value: $105

Deluxe $100 (Red with white box) - Contains 8 items (3 exclusives). Retail value: $199

Supreme $145 (Pink and white box) - Contains 12 items (5 exclusives). Retail value: $285


The new Valentine's Day merch will include a fuzzy jacket (baby pink/black), a hoodie, a Grinder (red metallic) and a new side bag/messenger bag (red/baby pink/hot pink).


Jeffree's iconic star mirrors will also be making a return, but this time in a different shape. Loyal fans will recognize the shape as the "Jeffree Star Approved Stamp Seal". The mirror comes in baby pink with black, pink chrome or black with baby pink.


In a series of Instagram stories, Jeffree talked about the disastrous shipping delay during the Thanksgiving and Christmas period and vowed that this time, they will "redeem" themselves.


"We're going to redeem ourselves. [The] holiday was really crazy, and there were a few mistakes. [...] We're not playing games this time."

"Since the holiday, we have really worked on our full entire shipping team. We have a lot of new employees, new hires, new energy, new blood. [...] We've expanded into our new warehouse, we're moving into there next month. We expanded our current warehouse that you guys have seen in the Shane series, and we are just ready. We are reinvigorated and baby, Valentine's is going to be insane."


Jeffree then teases fans that this will be the "most iconic and epic mystery boxes to date".


Jeffree Star's Blood Sugar 3 collection will launch later in February.

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Jeffree Star

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