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Jeffree Star REACTS To The Sunday Riley Scandal: "This Makes Me F***ing Sick!"

"THIS MAKES ME F***ING SICK!!!! Brands having their own employees post fake reviews to manipulate the customer," Jeffree slams Sunday Riley.

22 October 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Picture via Jeffree Star Cosmetics

On October 21, Jeffree Star responds to the Sunday Riley scandal, slamming them for their unethical practices of asking employees to post fake reviews of their products.

Let's rewind.


Earlier that day, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) tweeted out about the Sunday Riley case:

"In the Sunday Riley case, FTC alleges that btwn Nov. 2015 - Aug. 2017, Sunday Riley Skincare managers, incl Ms. Riley herself, posted reviews of their branded products on the Sephora site using fake accts created to hide their identity & requested other employees to do the same."

The FTC then posted a link explaining the entire situation.

When Jeffree Star saw this, he tweeted out:

"THIS MAKES ME F***ING SICK!!!! Brands having their own employees post fake reviews to manipulate the customer. Huge lawsuit was settled today… Wow. The FTC is not playing games:"

He also adds in another tweet:

"Nothing shocks me anymore in this insane dark beauty world.. We need more honest in 2020 or we're gonna have a problem."

And how did fans react?

When Jeffree's fans saw the tweet, they were outraged with Sunday Riley. Although there were several who were already aware of the practice of “fake reviews”, there were others who genuinely believed in every review.

These fans were the most upset and disgusted with Sunday Riley. They were also more hurt at the realisation that "fake reviews" existed since a lot of them often base their purchases on reviews.

One fan slams Sunday Riley, and says how they personally felt scammed by them. This fan doesn't have a lot of disposal money to "just throw around to buy everything", and their "purchase is thought out and reviews are an important step in the process".

Furthermore, other fans started coming out and speaking about their past jobs. They shared to others that the practice of managers asking employees to review their own products/services is common, and is not just limited to the beauty industry. The ones who spoke out about their past jobs ranged from those who worked in hotels to salons, and even to apps.

Fans then began praising Jeffree, saying that they bought his products because he would never stoop to something like this because his products are of "quality" so he can just let his products speak for themselves.

"Show me a brand like Jeffree’s where the owner talks about this shit with no worries because his brand is quality and doesn’t make shady business move"

"It’s refreshing that you and @shanedawson are lighting the way to true transparency and passion. Keep setting precedents like this and everyone will be held to the same standard"

"Brands that are lying obviously are hiding things. What you and @shanedawson are doing by being HONEST and showing the whole process proves it’s quality,that you work extremely hard for what you makeand your proud of it. THAT is what sets you apart from the rest. Keep rocking it!"

Jeffree Star is currently collaborating with Shane Dawson on their upcoming ShaneXJeffree "Conspiracy" Collection that will launch on November 1.

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Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star (Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Collection)

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