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Jeffree Star CALLS Ninja And Wife Jessica "Genuine Friends" (Super Bowl 2020) 

"Of course, I was [in Miami] for the Super Bowl. My friends, Ninja and Jessica invited me and I was like, the Super Bowl? Like b**ch, that is such an honor." Jeffree tweets.

6 February 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Jeffree Star at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards at The Forum, Los Angeles, USA 05 March 201 — Photo by Featureflash

On February 4, Jeffree Star spoke out about Ninja and his wife, Jessica, saying that they were "genuine" friends.

Let's rewind.


In a series of Instagram stories, Jeffree revealed to fans that he had been in Miami for the past few days because he was invited by Ninja and Jessica to attend the Superbowl 2020 with them.


In an Instagram Story, Jeffree said:


"Of course, I was [in Miami] for the Super Bowl. My friends, Ninja and Jessica invited me and I was like, the Super Bowl? Like b**ch, that is such an honor, thank you guys so much for inviitng me if you'e watching this."


Jeffree then continued to say that he had the "best time" and that it was nice to have "genuine friendships", especially those who were also in the YouTube scene.


"But we had the best time. Like on some real sh*t, it's nice to have genuine friendships with people who are also on YouTube and doing really big things that just genuinely want to hang out and just have a f**king amazing time. The Super Bowl was iconic! Hi, JLo, hi Shakira, how are ya? [...] But you guys, like I had the best time."


Two days later, Jeffree still couldn't get over the fun he had with Ninja and Jessica at the Superbowl, and tweeted this out along with a picture of Ninja and his wife:



"I still can’t get over how fun I had this weekend with real friends and amazing company 💯"



In other news, Jeffree announced that the new Jeffree Star makeup collection was coming out this month in February. He also added that it will be "iconic" and a game-changer.



"The new Jeffree Star makeup collection, oh it's coming this month. It's iconic and I think my next palette is going to change the game."

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Jeffree Star (Morphe)

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