Jeffree Star's Reveals Louis Vuitton Pool Table With Custom Made Shade - Fans Are Angry?

"2020: families [...] barely have enough food on the table [...] Jeffree Star: custom Louis Vuitton pool table in newly renovated mansion." A user tweets.

19 December 2020 by Fonticha Tran

Jeffree Star at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards at The Forum, Los Angeles, USA 05 March 201 — Photo by Featureflash

On 16 December, Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star reveals to fan that Louis Vuitton made a custom pool table for his house. However, some are angry at how Jeffree is spending his money amidst the pandemic.


Let's rewind.


In his Instagram Story, Jeffree posts:


"♥️ The first ever Louis Vuitton pool table 🎱 I ordered this iconic piece of fashion history over 6 months ago! ♣️♦️ It was definitely worth the wait!!! @LouisVuitton did a custom #JeffreeStar pink top for the table and I’m honestly shook! It’s way more incredible than I imagined"


On IGTV, Jeffree says:


"Today, it's a little crazy, because I, for my birthday, Louis Vuitton, yes, the Louis Vuitton. They made me a pool table for my house. I know. Everyday, more crazy sh** comes out of my mouth. But, yes, you guys. Louis Vuitton is here. And they're assembling the pool table upstairs."


In the IGTV, Anthony David, Expert Client Advisor at Louis Vuitton Rodeo Drive, reveals that it's the "first [pool table] ever made" from Louis Vuitton.


"You know, you're getting the first pool table that [Louis Vuitton] ever made. We made it quicker than it would ever be made for you."


He also adds that the "felt on top" was a custom color made specifically for Jeffree. When the shade is revealed, Jeffree says that it was "perfect".


"This is so insane. [...] It's literally perfect. Like, oh my god. I knew I need a pool table to fill this space, with our chandelier, crazy Versace walls. This room is very over the top. And I had no idea that Louis Vuitton was going to even do a pool table in the future, so it's literally perfect."


Fun fact: The pool table even matches Jeffree's pink grand piano in the spacious room.


The Louis Vuitton pool table came with their own branded pool table sticks, balls, napping block, leather rack and pink chalks.


"This is so overwhelming right now."


Looking at the pool table sticks, Jeffree comments on its craftsmanship.


"I'm deceased. Wow. This is so beautiful. Oh my god, look at the craftsmanship. Oh my god. [...] This room is finally complete. It's been a long time coming.



How did fans react?


The majority of fans are excited for Jeffree and the Louis Vuitton pool table and its custom made shade, with several commenting on their awe and envy.


However, there were fans who were disappointed with how Jeffree is spending money amidst the pandemic.


"You should do something more meaningful with your money. Like help the less fortunate in timesl like these."

"2020: families unable to barely have enough food on the table, loosing jobs, loosing family members, unable to give their kids any kind of Christmas much less a big Christmas dinner. Jeffree Star: custom Louis Vuitton pool table in newly renovated mansion."

"People starving all over the place and this 🤦🤦🤦"


Fans, however, rushed to defend Jeffree, pointing out that he has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to different causes, and even cashapped fans multiple times during the pandemic to assist them financially.


"Why are ppl under here pressed and jealous of someone rich and successful doing with his well earned money whatever he wants, also jeffree a person that has said several time abt donating and gifting money through twt to his fans."

"Um guys Jeffree donates a lottt of money he can buy stuff for himself it's fine. And he doesn't need to be sad af and not post anything because of Covid. It actually feels good to see something else for once."

"Wow y'all mad at him for spending HIS money on HISSELF that's crazy. Y'all don''t know what Jeffery donates too or what he gives away."

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