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Jeffree Star Donates $20,000 To A Fan Who Was Murdered (Kevin Bacon) 

"RIP KEVIN 😥I’m devastated to hear of the passing of someone from Michigan who lived their life fearlessly and was taken too soon 💔" Jeffree tweets.

29 December 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Jeffree Star - Picture via

On December 29, Jeffree Star tweeted out a GoFundMe of a fan named Kevin Bacon, who was murdered after going to meet up with a man on a dating app. Fans also praised Jeffree for donating $20,000 without advertising it. 


Let's rewind.

First of all, Jeffree Star was made aware of Kevin's death by a fan who tweeted to Jeffree the news and asked Jeffree to help Kevin's GoFundMe, as Kevin had several Jeffree Star tattoos.


This is the fan's tweet below:


"this man was found murdered after a grindr meet up in Michigan on Christmas Eve. I saw it on facebook and noticed he had several #jeffreestar tattoos. I wanted you to see this and all of us can keep his friends and family in our thoughts."

Jeffree saw the tweet and responded with this:

"RIP KEVIN 😥 I’m devastated to hear of the passing of someone from Michigan who lived their life fearlessly and was taken too soon 💔Please help his family in this horrible time:… #StarFamily"


However, what Jeffree didn't share, and what fans praised him for, was the fact that Jeffree had already donated $20,000 to the GoFundMe. There, he wrote, "I love you. Rest in peace angel."

[UPDATE: 12/30/19: Jeffree Star SLAMS Police Force After Kevin Bacon's MURDER. Calls Out "Shadiness" and "Sketchiness".]

Check out some of the fans' reactions to this:

"The fact he donated it AND didn’t say shit about him having donated when he shared it. Just asked us to donate too. Most people would make it a “look how good of a person I am” moment. And JS didn’t."

"The fact that @JeffreeStar donated the amount that they needed is what makes me love him so much 😭🖤"


"I Stan for him no matter what because of his “little” actions and how he does not make it public!"


"this is why i love jeffree. rest in peace 💕"


The GoFundMe was created by Kevin's sister, Jennifer Bacon. In the GoFundMe page, Jennifer wrote:

"My brother Kevin was taken suddenly from the people who loved him. Anything you donate is helpful. Thank you for all of your love and support."


The Michigan State Police have told the public that Kevin's death is being treated as murder, and a 50-year-old man has already been arrested.

[UPDATE: 12/30/19: Jeffree Star SLAMS Police Force After Kevin Bacon's MURDER. Calls Out "Shadiness" and "Sketchiness".]

The GoFundMe has achieved its target goal and at the time of writing, has raised $29,442 out of their $20,000 target.

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Jeffree Star

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Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 

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