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Jeffree Star THANKS Fan Jessica Who Delivered Food To His House 

"The person who delivered food to my house today, is a subscriber and we ended up talking [...] I love you Jessica, thank you for making my day." Jeffree tweets.

21 January 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Jeffree Star - Picture via

On January 19, Jeffree Star thanked a fan on Twitter after they met through a chance encounter when the fan delivered food to Jeffree's house.

The fan's name is Jessica, and after talking to Jeffree, revealed that she was a subscriber. After a few minutes of conversation, they both ended up crying as she revealed how much his videos helped her.


Check out Jeffree's tweet about the interaction below:



"The person who delivered food to my house today, is a subscriber and we ended up talking for a few minutes and crying because she just went through a divorce and she told me my videos distract her from the heart ache 😭 I love you Jessica, thank you for making my day 💖"


They may have bonded as Jeffree had also recently broken up with his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt (Nate), who he was in a long-term relationship with. Jeffree had opened up about the break up in a YouTube video, titled "We Broke Up".


After the tweet, fans quickly flooded the comments section to send their love to Jessica, while many also praised Jeffree for spending time with a fan. The majority also revealed that Jeffree's videos had helped them through their own personal hardships, too.


Although Jeffree had a heartwarming interaction with this specific fan, other fans quickly reminded everyone else that this doesn't mean that they should treat this as an invitation to suddenly show up at Jeffree's house. They stated that this fan interaction was an exception since she worked as a food delivery driver.



"DISCLAIMER: this doesn’t mean you can try and turn up to people’s houses with food & they’ll talk to you."

"Jeffree has one nice encounter but some people are gonna see this as an open invitation and overdo a simple wholesome moment."


Overall, they're reminding fans to respect Jeffree's privacy and not to overstep boundaries.

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Jeffree Star

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