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Jason Derulo Faces BACKLASH Over 'Ending Racism' TikTok (Michael Le's Collab)

"[Jason Derulo] just said 'end racism' then puts up a bunch of racial stereotypes!? ❗❓🤔" A social user posts.

22 February 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat










On February 8, Jason Derulo collaborated with popular TikTokers Michael Le (@justmaiko) and The Shluv Family (@theshluvfamily) in a TikTok video. However, users quickly pointed out that the video was filled with stereotypes.


In the TikTok collaboration, Jason writes in the description that he was "ending racism" with the video.


“Where you from? Ending racism with this one 😂”


The video then features Jason, Michael and the Shluv family dancing towards one of two options describing their “lifestyles” with Jason's song “Lifestyle (feat. Adam Levine) in the background.



How did fans react?


Unfortunately, many fans were less than impressed with the TikTok video. These fans highlighted that despite Jason's intention of "ending racism", he had chosen lifestyle options that were stereotypical.


"man just said “end racism” then puts up a bunch of racial stereotypes!? ❗❓🤔"



"Y’all just chose the stereotypical answers ending racism where?? 😭"



"uh [it's] not really ending racism… more like perpetuating racial stereotypes 😭"


These options had consisted of “Fried Rice VS Fried Chicken", "Eggrolls VS Watermelon", "Kool-Aid VS Sweet Tea", and "NBA vs Minecraft" with obvious results.

The Shluv family consists of Michael, Jonathan, Tiffany, Daniel and Tina with over 8.1 million followers. Michael's individual account has over 44.8 million followers.

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Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, is writing a book.


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