James Charles Starts 'Technoblade Is Cancelled' Party and Calls Gamers to Donate To Charity

“Techno’s cancelled. Everybody spread the word, Techno is cancelled." James Charles says after Technoblade's controversial winning move.

11 July 2019 by Fonticha Techamaneewat

James Charles, popular Beauty YouTuber, was invited to #MinecraftMonday by YouTuber Daniel 'KEEMSTAR' Keem and paired up with Vikkstar123 for Week 3.


However, midway into the stream, James displays his irritation when another YouTuber 'Technoblade' appeared to have cheated.


Let's rewind.


For those who don't know, #MinecraftMonday is an event set up by popular YouTuber Daniel 'KEEMSTAR' Keem, with other popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers such as Ninja, PewDiePie and Mongraal also participating.

It took place on July 8 at 4 pm EST and streamed live on Twitch on the participants' individual channels. The participants played Minecraft game modes, including The Hunger Games (SG4), TNT Run, Run From Lava, Battle Arena, Parkour Race and more.



What exactly happened during #MinecraftMonday on Week 3 with James Charles?


James had an interesting first half of the stream, with a fun cameo from popular Twitch streamer Pokimane popping into his chat.

...But then what is Sister James without a little sprinkle of drama?



It starts when James insists that the winner should donate the prize money:


“I really truly believe that anybody who wins this, if they’re a content creator should be donating the money.”


Why is this a problem?

Unfortunately, James appear to be unaware of the harsh reality of the majority of content creators or gamers where they often earn little to nothing. In fact, 96.5% of YouTubers don't earn enough to cross the poverty line, and despite there being over 2 million unique broadcasters, only around 150,000 are Twitch affiliates, i.e., when the point where the option of subscribing is enabled.


James is fortunate to be one of the top 1% who is able to make a great career on YouTube. For others, however, tournament winnings are a way of earning some money and building a more viable career.


Soon after, James performed badly in a round called 'TNT Run'. Although he tried to keep it in a joking tone, it was clear that he was annoyed:



“I’m f**king suing. My lawyers will be f**king in contact with this immediately. F this sh**."

James' annoyance only grew in another round due to an 'invisibility bug' that caused some players to be invisible. When everyone had to relog to reset, James didn't manage to get in the round due to an error.

James was definitely not happy and he let his feelings known as he typed in the chat: "Invisibility is homophobic."


Finally, James' irritation grew to a boiling point when Technoblade, a gamer who has over 770,000 subscribers on YouTube, snatched a controversial win.


Technoblade appeared to have achieved the win by using the /top command (a command that brings the player to the topmost block), allowing him to get on top of James' teammate, Vikkstar, and eliminate him.


Although the code is available in the game, it is an unspoken rule among gamers that it should be used sparingly and, most likely, avoided during a competition. The purpose of the code is to help a player who got stuck underground.

The other players weren't so happy about this ending either as evident from the ending game chat. James decided to also throw in some shade with:

"Techno using /top is ridiculous. Not GG."



He then proceeded to say to his viewers:



“Techno’s cancelled. Everybody spread the word, Techno is cancelled. #Technoisoverparty. Everyone spam it. #Technoisoverparty.”

Viewers could hear stunned laughter from Vikkstar's mic. Unfortunately, a few of James' viewers started to spam the hashtag with some even taking to Twitter with the hashtag.

Others then called James out for starting drama.

"James starting twitch drama"


"joins minecraft and instantly gets into drama lmao"

James began to defend himself, saying that he wasn't "salty" as he didn't expect to win, but that what Technoblade did was a "sad move".


"People in my chat are like, 'oh my god, you’re salty', it's like I'm not salty cos I knew I wasn’t going to win, so it's not like I’m angry I didn’t win, but that is ridiculous. I agree with Vik, that’s a sad move."

When Vikkstar123 heard this, he immediately replied:


"I mean, It’s fine, I’m over it now. I’m over it."

"Just in that moment I wasn’t happy and some people understand that, and some people won’t. It’s fine, we're moving on guys."

In other news, James has since gone on to stream Roblox with Quackity which was an overwhelming success. The duo stream even trended James on Twitter in a positive way.


Fans just loved the chemistry between them both!

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