Fans DEFEND "James Charles X Morphe Mini Collection" Controversy  

"I think he was just genuinely trying to do something for his fans with less money." A fan tweets.

15 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - NOV 11: James Charles at the People's Choice Awards 2018 

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On October 11, Beauty YouTuber James Charles tweeted the launch of "James Charles X Morphe Mini Collection", which quickly led to controversy when fans started to accuse him of "money-grabbing", amidst other things.


One of the biggest accusations against James is "money-grabbing". This means gaining or earning a lot of money with barely any effort.


These fans tweeted:


"So basically a cash grab for you."

"It’s so obvious this is a money grab. It’s literally the same pallet with the same shades. You’re actually a joke. So pathetic. Next time maybe be creative. Oh wait... clearly you aren’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t have recycled the same old pallet."

"Because its same.🤣 Everybody has his palate, nobody buys it anymore, so why not launch an other with no effort. Money grab."


Many fans were upset that James didn't come up with a new collection as it has been a while since his last Morphe palette. Many were also angry enough that they started telling other fans to buy Shane and Jeffree's palette instead when it comes out.


However, there are fans who are leaping to James' defence.

One fan tweeted:

"What’s the biggest cash grab? Making a mini for people who couldn’t buy the first one? Or making a new palette that most people will want to get? I think he was just genuinely trying to do something for his fans with less money."


Other also fans agreed and believed that James was thinking of his fans when releasing the "James Charles X Morphe Mini Collection". It was more affordable than his previous original sized collection that was priced at around $39, whereas this new mini collection is priced at $23.

"The new mini palette @jamescharles is launching is actually perfect for me. People think it's pointless but I actually think it's practical. $23 is a perfect pricepoint. I don't see the big deal."

"James charles is actually smart for coming out with a mini palette because most of his audience is young. It's affordable and makes for a great gift for someone who wants to start playing with makeup."

"'Omg his palette is so expensive we can't afford it' *James makes the same palette in a mini size and cheeper* 'That's so stupid why is he doing this'."



James didn't directly respond to the controversy, but when an article titled: "Why the New James Charles Palette is Unnecessarily Controversial" by Slashed Beauty was posted, James did repost it, saying, "This was an awesome article, thank you Miranda. 💞" (Miranda is the author of the article). 

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