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James Charles' Make-Up Reality Show RENEWED For Season 2 (Instant Influencer)

"Soooo @YouTube made the announcement this morning but I thought I'd make it official too... #InstantInfluencer got picked up for SEASON TWO!!" James Charles tweet.

29 June 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

LOS ANGELES - NOV 11: James Charles at the People's Choice Awards 2018

at the Barker Hanger on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On June 25, Beauty YouTube James Charles announced to fans that Instant Influencer, his make-up reality show, has been renewed for a second season.

Let's rewind.


Fans will already know that James' first series of Instant Influencer, a make-up reality show where competitors compete to win $50,000, premiered on April 24 on YouTube. Of course, fans will also know that the first winner of Instant Influencer is 28-year-old Ashley Strong (@strashmee).

Fans can check out James and Ashley's YouTube video after the competition, titled "The $50,000 WINNING Makeup Look ft. Ashley Strong" here.

Fast forward, and James announced to fans on June 25 that season 2 is on its way.

Check out James' tweet below:

"Soooo @YouTube made the announcement this morning but I thought I'd make it official too... #InstantInfluencer got picked up for SEASON TWO!! 🥳 If y'all thought season ONE was good... just wait. 😈"


How did fans react?

Basically, fans are excited for a second season and quickly flooded the comments sections with congratulatory tweets. Others informed James that they were already preparing to audition for Instant Influencer season 2.

Meanwhile, one fan asked James:


"I CAN'T WAIT SISTER. Will strashme make an appearance?"

To which James responded:

"Hmmm @strashmee what do you think?🤔"

For those who don't know, Ashley Strong (@strashmee), was the first winner to James' Instant Influencer season 1.


Not only that, but fans are eagerly asking for additional guest judges. In season 1, guest judges featured Paris Hilton and Trixie Mattel. Fans are now asking if NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jager) and even Jeffree Star if they could join the panel of guest judges!

What do fans want from Instant Influencer season 2?

First of all, fans are asking for a larger pool of competitors and for lengthier episodes. It appears  fans want to get to know the make-up artists more! Others are also asking if it could be more inclusive, i.e. including plus sizes and people from diverse backgrounds.

Last, but not least, fans are begging for the Instant Influencer to become international. Perhaps to the UK, next?


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James Charles (Morphe)

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